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Neubourg Pharma UK announces the launch of Allpresan Diabetic Foot Foam Creams into the UK, clinically formulated to treat and prevent dry cracked skin and calluses on diabetic feet, the first clinically and medically approved to be used between toes safely.

First Clinically Approved Diabetic Moisturiser For Use on the Entire Foot Including Between Toes Now Available in UK

Allpresan Diabetic Foot Foam Creams launch into the UK, clinically formulated to treat and prevent dry cracked skin and calluses on diabetic feet, the first clinically and medically approved to be used between toes safely.   Unlike conventional creams, it is unique at protecting against the real risk of infection in this area.

Until now, clinician advice for diabetics has been not to use creams between toes.  Allpresan Diabetic Foam Creams have been clinically approved for safe usage on the entire foot including between the toes.  Unlike conventional creams, it is unique at protecting against the real risk of infection in this area.

Allpresan® Foam Creams are clinically formulated to treat and prevent dry skin on diabetic feet, reduce cracks and the build up of hard skin and calluses, counteract pressure marks and protect against infection and ulceration.

This is achieved because of Allpresan’s patented actively breathable formula and unique moisturising complex of Urea, Pentavitin® and Panthenol. When the foam is applied, it forms a two-dimensional protective mesh on the skin, so skin is able to breathe and is protected from external influences, such as bacteria.

Dr Ivan Bristow, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton says:  “The importance of foot care for those with diabetes cannot be emphasized enough.  Regular foot checks can help identify complications early caused by diabetes.  Foot care including regularly applying cream to the foot can do several things – it  adds moisture to skin that is prone to dryness due  to reduced sweating and reduce the chances of developing cracked heels. .  Even the act of applying a cream means that a patient with diabetes  is aware of any changes to  the skin on their feet.”

Dr Bristow believes that foot care for people with diabetes, prevention is most definitely better than cure.  ‘A well-known phrase in podiatry is ‘give diabetes an inch and it will take a foot’.


An estimated 80% of diabetics can suffer with some form of skin problem as a consequence of high blood sugar levels and most visible skin conditions are on the legs and feet.  Typical symptoms include extreme dryness, calluses, pressure ulcers, cracks on the feet, foot fungus and the slightest wound being a real risk for infection.

When skin becomes dry and cracked, it is easier for bacteria to get in, posing a risk of infection and, foot fungus and it is harder for these infections to heal.  This can escalate quickly and lead to ulceration.  For some people with diabetes, the end result of a foot ulcer can be amputation.

Intensive daily foot care must include an appropriate regime to replenish the skin’s moisture and fat content, and create a protective layer against the outside environment. Areas not protected on the feet, including between toes, poses a risk of infection as bacteria can enter through the skin.  As creams can cause accumulation of moisture and maceration, advice previously given to diabetics is not to use them between toes as additional moisture makes the skin more susceptible to bacterial growth and increase the risk of infection. 

The horny layer of the skin (outermost layer of the epidermis) protects against the entry of damaging substances, for example, fungal pathogens and/or bacteria. If the fat and moisture content of the horny layer decreases, as in the case of dry skin, the horny layer loses its protective function. 

As Allpresan® can be used between the toes, it is unique in protecting against the real risk of’ infection in this area and the entire foot, making it easier for diabetics to apply without having to worry what areas to avoid.

Richard Lane, OBE, long time Type 1 diabetic, wants to give a very personal endorsement, and says:  “I have personally been using Allpresan for the past six months, replacing the cream I had been using for some years.  I can honestly say that I have noticed a distinct improvement in my feet in that they are not nearly as dry as they have historically been. This is the best and most effective cream that I have ever used.”

Allpresan Diabetic Foam Cream is available in two variants:

Allpresan INTENSIVE 10% Urea is for very dry to cracked skin at risk of infection and ulceration in patients with diabetes mellitus. 

Allpresan BASIC 5% Urea is a preventive treatment for dry, sensitive and parchment like foot skin in diabetic patients.  

Allpresan Diabetic Foam Creams may be available on prescription from your doctor from 1st March 2015 and can also be purchased at any Lloyds pharmacy, Lloyds online or Independent pharmacies.  It is available in 35ml retailing for £4.99 and 125ml retailing at £10.99

2014 marked new beginnings for Neubourg Skin Care (Germany) with the formation of Neubourg Pharma UK in Guildford, Surrey.

With a heritage of almost 20 years in skin care for diabetes mellitus in Germany, the company has now expanded its business to the United Kingdom and have launched their innovative foam creams to help diabetic patients suffering with diabetic foot syndrome.

Their work in Germany has focused on developing skin care products very much with the patient in mind. As dry skin in diabetics can lead to foot complications such as diabetic ulcer, prophylactic use of Allpresan Diabetic Foam Creams at the earliest stages of dry skin on the feet is vital to prevent further damage and through patented technology offers significant patient benefits.

The UK Company brings together people who have a combined experience in dermatology of over 150 years and the team work closely with healthcare professionals who have a special interest in diabetic foot syndrome, including diabetologists, podiatrists, dermatologists, general practitioners, nurses and pharmacists.

Allpresan® technology has become an indispensible tool for professional skin and foot care.

In 1998 foam cream pioneer Fritz Neubourg fundamentally revolutionized foot care for diabetics and in 1999 dermatological studies led to a specific active formula for the skin of diabetics, and thus the Allpresan® patented brand was launched.

In 2004, a state-of-the-art distribution centre was built in Grevan and in 2006 the company moved into new, energy efficient headquarters where Dr Thomas Neubourg took over as Managing Director of the dynamic family company who employs around 60 people.

Today our corporate philosophy is based on the principles of quality, innovation and service. Therefore leading experts in Dermatology, Diabetology and Podiatry accompany our work. In addition we actively involve our customers in product development, so that we can practically implement the latest scientific findings in needs-based products. Our focus is on foam creams and their innovative route of administration for the care and treatment of medical and cosmetic skin problems.