Outstanding Results from a real time feedback system for hotels

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Hotels operating in Finland are enhancing their environment with the use of a real-time  feedback system from We Love Surveys and Finnish partner, Hartikaari.  The staff state that feedback from their colleagues inspires them to deliver an even better work performance.

Instead of simply running a staff satisfaction survey once a year, a true HR pioneer should implement real-time electronic feedback to monitor ongoing satisfaction of their team. This enables the business to resolve any issues while they are still fresh, and as a result good practices will be put to use more efficiently.

A chain of hotels in Central Finland started using electronic staff engagement measurement in the autumn of 2013. This solution has become an important management tool for all the managers of the hotels.

“We want to know every day how our staff are feeling, once a year is just not enough.  A weekly summary is compiled from the feedback, and we can use it as a basis for reviewing existing procedures or even for developing new ways to keep colleagues engaged.  When a person knows they are heard, the work atmosphere definitely improves, and the staff are encouraged to give more feedback”, the hotel manager stated.

A cost-efficient solution

The feedback is collected through a tablet application, supplied by We Love Surveys Finnish partner Hartikaari, which transfers all the responses to a central, secure server. The information can be reviewed using easily understandable graphs, and as verbal requests and suggestions, too.  

”The customer feedback system was already in use at our hotels. Based on the good experiences we had with that, we also decided to implement a feedback application for personnel”, the hotel manager said.

According to the hotel manager, this application has been cost-efficient, and submitting responses is easy on the tablet. The service also includes service development in accordance with the client’s requirements.

”I believe that methods like these will become more prevalent in other fields of business, as well,” the hotel manager stated.

The application can be modified to match the user’s needs. At its fastest, feedback can be collected in as little as 20 seconds. This solution is available as a mobile application and an online application, so it can be positioned in various locations.  

Three ideas out of every four to be tested

The hotel manager estimated that about 75% of ideas from staff in their hotels result in actual changes in work practices. Through this, the work environment, as well as the level of service the staff provide, will improve.  

The majority of feedback is submitted after busy shifts, when a lot has happened at work. The tablets are easily accessible in the staff rest or changing areas.

Hotel managers consider the We Love Surveys solution to be an extremely efficient management tool. They give it a 9.5 (on a scale of 0 – 10). According to the staff, tablets or the internet are the most efficient channels for spontaneous anonymous feedback.

We Love Surveys (and sister company Customer First Solutions (CFS)) provide surveys to a huge range of industries both in the UK and across Europe.  Founded in 2001, they are innovators in customer feedback solutions and have over 13 years of experience in the field.

Hartikaari Oy provides IT services in the private and the public sector. The company’s range of services include electronic self-service solutions and guides, as well as Digital Signage solutions for information distribution and advertising. The company is at the forefront of spontaneous and continuous customer feedback collection systems. The company was founded in Helsinki in 2010, and is a member of Tilaajavastuu.fi