New Brand Launch, be unlimited: Wear your art on your sleeve!

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be unlimited is a new British luxury brand that has been launched to celebrate individuality and self expression. be unlimited has taken a fresh look at print and pattern to produce unique items that are made in Britain and designed to be treasured for a lifetime. 

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Download the be unlimited look book, from here.

be unlimited is launching the bu collection on November 27th 2014. This will be available online via This collection offers an explosion of colour in fun ways opening up numerous new possibilities for any wardrobe.

Christmas ’14 Range

be unlimited is a product of the British creative climate and our melting pot of ideas from around the world. This Christmas the bu collection’s stylish and luxurious scarves, dresses, skirts and tops provide different and fresh ways for customers to create individual looks to match their mood or any occasion.  Retail prices range from £50 to £350.

Bianca Elgar, Founder of be unlimited said: “We decided to focus on scarves and related garments and to invite the most exciting artists and designers around to add their layer of creativity to our silk canvas, we hope that this creativity will be contagious!”

Quality and Manufacturing

the bu collection has been designed, sourced and made in Britain. We love the design and freedom of expression available in this country and are passionate about supporting traditional craft and skill within the UK textile and fashion industry.

The design and development process has taken over a year to ensure that the final collection is the very best it can be. Our fabric and garment manufacturers come from all over Britain including Derbyshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire and London with many having been established since the late 19th and early 20th centuries using traditional methods and the best of British skills.

Bianca Elgar added: “We have met some truly wonderful people who’ve shown commitment and excitement to our vision from the very earliest stages and encouraged us to develop our ideas into the products we have today”.

be unlimited is a luxury collection of unique printed silk scarves, tops and skirts along with silk and modal dresses that are designed and made in Britain.

Artistic and individual expression lie at the heart of be unlimited, along with encouraging  customers to ‘wear their art on their sleeves’ bringing art and fashion closer together.

Launched online this week, be unlimited’s unique range of separates and scarf accessories offer virtually endless versatility and variety.

Bianca Elgar, founder of be unlimited ltd, has a lifelong passion for art, printed fabric and traditional methods of silkscreen printing as well as comfortable versatile clothing. The brand combines Bianca’s passions with her strong belief that women of all ages want to dress according to their mood and to reflect their personality in a variety of ways. By having fun with be unlimited’s versatile luxury clothing and accessories, every woman can elegantly show off their artistic flair and look fabulous.

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