Award Winning Teeth Whitening by Harley Street Dental Group

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The award-winning Harley Street Dental Group began 2014 true to form, winning the ‘Best Whitening Case’ and ‘Best Conservative Composite Case’, at the prestigious Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2014.

The Award ceremony was the largest to date and celebrated real genius behind the best smiles we see in the UK today. Leading the way for the Harley Street Dental Group was founder and principal Dr Mark Hughes, Group clinical director, who took home the coveted trophies in both categories.

Dr Mark Hughes said: “I was supported by an excellent team of technicians, hygienists, nurses and treatment care coordinators who ensure the entire treatment runs as smoothly as possible for the patient. Our entire ethos is based on ‘Patient First’ philosophy, which I’m proud to say our entire team deliver; day in and day out.”

So what makes the Harley Street Dental Group an annual award winner?

Teeth whitening, or bleaching in essence is a simple and effective method of improving a patient’s smile, however we must take great care as every case is as unique as our patients. Our team demonstrates exceptional skills at every level from complex cases to straightforward procedures. For example, complex Whitening cases could involve a single dark tooth or multiple very dark teeth, as well as heavy staining or discolouration due to excessive calcium or fluoride.

Dr Mark Hughes’s winning case for Best Whitening was an extremely challenging case where the patient had three front teeth previously treated by root canal therapy; this resulted in them being very dark. She also had very mottled teeth with yellow and brown spots. So her treatment involved a deep bleaching technique as well as an ‘internal’ bleaching of the dark teeth and careful polishing out of the yellow and brown spots.

Composite Bonding on the other hand, to achieve a natural Smile Makeover, is extremely challenging, and requires an extremely high level of skill and artistry in handling the resin materials. This is one of the most difficult awards to win.

These are just two examples of the many complex cases that we deal with at the Harley Street Dental Group on a daily basis, the joy of working in such a multidiscipline practice is that our Dentists and clinicians are truly leaders in their field.

We tackle complex cases on a daily basis and quite frankly thrive on them as it challenges us much more and the eventual result and patient reaction is so much more satisfactory. We take great pride in what we do and it is wonderful to be recognized by your peers at such a respected awards ceremony.