Lithuanian short film “Emotional Police” to be seen by millions on Eurochannel TV

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Lithuanian film Emotional Police (dir Lukrecija Vaupšaite, 2012, 13min) has been sold to Eurochannel TV,  a channel watched by 25 million viewers worldwide, reaching 11 million households. The film was created by sisters Lukrecija and Marija Vaupsaites – a.k.a. Sisters V – imagine them as the junior female version of the Coen brothers.

Emotional Police (link to trailer) is about an institution where people come to register crimes such as heartbreak or lack of attention. The film was showcased at the Berlinale Film Cloud 2012 and at the biggest Lithuanian film festival, Kino Pavasaris. It has been praised by European Film Academy member and established Lithuanian director and producer Arunas Matelis, who called it an “unexpected and stylish film”.

Interesting facts:

Emotional Police features performances by three generations of the director’s family: the female lead is played by her sister, Marija Vaupšaite (who works as an investment assistant at Ingenious Media); the inspector of Emotional Police and male lead is portrayed by the director’s grandfather, Jonas Algimantas Baranauskas; and her mother Audrone Vaupšiene (a famous Lithuanian artist) plays the role of one of the victims, who comes to register an emotional crime.

At the moment, Sisters V – Lukrecija and Marija Vaupšaites – have finished their third short film Can Flowers Grow from Concrete? – a story about a young woman, who is incapable of adjusting herself to a superficial and consumerist society.

Every year Eurochannel TV chooses the best short films from all over Europe and shows them as part of its Eurochannel Short Films Tour programme. Emotional Police will being shown on Eurochnannel TV for the next two years, starting from this July,in the following territories:Latin America (including Brazil and the Caribbean) France, USA, Switzerland, Canada, Portugal, Monaco, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Korea, and Montenegro.

Eurochannel is a world television channel which aims to promote European culture and lifestyle through movies, series and other types programmes. Fiction films, documentaries and other series are shown in their original languages with subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Korean. Between 2000 and 2004 Eurochannel was part of a joint venture between Canal+ and Vivendi, and since 2004 it is a privately-owned company. It is an innovative TV channel that is available on cable, satellite, and digital channels such as Google TV, Amazon,  and through Android apps.

According to the their website, during Eurochannel Short Films Tour, part of the Eurochannel Tour, viewers will come across new and experienced filmmakers and cinematic masterpieces which pay tribute to women. Men and women alike – such as the established UK-based actress and director Carolina Giammetta, the award-winning Macedonian director Gjorce Stavreski, and the emerging Lithuanian director Lukrecija Vaupsaite – portray either tender or vivid aspects of the female personality.


An article in the biggest BALTIC web portal on the sale of Emotional Police to Eurochannel: