Football gets Animated. Fast. Watch, FFS!

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In a week of big football headlines, zubox, the animation studio for the ground-breaking CGI software Muvizu, parodies the great and the good of the beautiful game on the Friday Football Special (FFS).

This week, the six-minute, 1080p HD show features Sir Alex Ferguson, who has announced he is to step down as Manchester United manager, plus see the moment Moyes gets that phone call… Agent Bond demonstrates the gift of the gab as he attempts to sell the qualities of the British footballer, and Eric Cantona is back with more smooth philosophy… plus there’s a song about the dry cleaner’s favourite, Paolo Di Canio.

The Friday Football Special

Friday Football Special brings you footballing funnies and commentary about the European Football Leagues, every week, broadcasting the lighter side of the beautiful game on YouTubeiTunes and Facebook.

From a production turn-around time, FFS is virtually unrivalled. The David Moyes segment of this week’s episode was written, voiced and animated in a jaw-dropping single hour!

Executive Producer Nick Astor says: “We have a great opportunity here to cleverly and quickly take the piss out of a global brand. To do what we do well we’ve really got to love and hate football.”

FFS was additionally nominated this week for the ‘Best Video Show’ Award by the No.1 Premier League-related blog in the world, EPL Talk.

zubox is an animation production house significantly impacting on the speed to market for animated content.  

The team of former-BBC, Disney and ITV writers aim to be the ‘go to’ place for entertaining animated content, using different themes, such as topical entertainment, news and football clips.

FFS, like all zubox content, can be sponsored by a product or publication and easily translated into other languages.

zubox is powered by Muvizu, the brainchild of the animation and software teams at Digimania Ltd, based in Scotland..