Workout parties to hit the UK nightclub scene in 2013

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In the coming year, Club Cardio is set to launch a brand new workout experience that fuses exercise with easy-to-follow dance moves in a nightclub setting.

By bringing cardio exercise in a supportive party atmosphere, the concept aims to change people’s mindset and attitude to keep fit. In fact, exercising and enjoying life more stand out as the most popular New Year resolutions. And with 2013 around the corner, the upcoming party workouts promise to be exactly the incentive people need to change their sedentary lifestyle.
The hour-long mini-dance marathon aims to help even the gym-shy people of Great Britain feel more comfortable and more confident in moving. Irina Alionte, Founder and Managing Director at Club Cardio said: “I used to notice how self-conscious many people felt in a gym environment. The bright lights and the mirrors in aerobic studios gave me the feeling that everyone is checking on me. But I’ve always felt at ease on the dance floor, so I came up with the idea of bringing exercise in the non-judgmental setting of a nightclub!

And this is how Club Cardio was born- the first concept of its kind in the UK”.
Excited about the concept, Alionte decided to take action to see her dream translated into reality and chose the University of Warwick as an incubator for her idea. With the Student Union’s support, she organised the first ever workout party on campus. One of the Warwick students who attended such a pilot event explained: “I’m such a couch potato, clubbing is the main ‘sport’ I practice. But now I can have both fitness and clubbing under the same roof. Working out while dancing with my friends is more fun and works better. That’s what we do on nights out anyway, just that now we’re all sober!”
Encouraged by the good turnout and amazing feedback from students attending the pilot events, Club Cardio is getting ready to take over mainstream nightclubs. The brand new workout experience is set to transform UK nightclubs into high-energy workout environment during their off-peak hours.

“It’s a new and exciting concept that’s in line with the nightclubs’ tendency to broaden their range of entertainment and we plan to roll it out across the country. “, Alionte said. With a live DJ, laser lights and a cardio instructor engaging the crowd from the stage, ‘fitness-clubbers’ are promised to experience the best possible time while exercising.  And this is what its founder calls ‘exertainment’.
But the mood-enhancement effect of group exercise is not the only driver to attend these events. The visionary entrepreneur realized that the chance to meet new friends might be just as important as the workout for some. Alionte also saw the opportunity to create an environment where people can interact and engage with each other and socializing is encouraged. The lights are low which makes it easier to mingle with the others. And after working up such a thirst, you can continue socializing with your fellow fitness-clubbers over a glass of Cardio-licious mocktail.
The majority of adults participate in exercise for enjoyment rather than keeping fit, according to a recent Mintel report. And while injecting a sense of fun into the fitness industry, party workouts are likely to boost both interest and motivation levels to exercise. With the end of the year fast approaching, people can now make a get-fit resolution which they will also have fun keeping.

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