Historian travels back in time to kill Hitler!

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Τhis is the basic premise of The Assassination Of Adolf Hitler, the thrilling debut novel by M.R. Dowsing.

The author acknowledges that the idea is a simple, even obvious one, but points out that nobody has ever used it as the basis for a novel before: “There are plenty of alternate-history thrillers out there set in a world where Germany won the war, but my book attempts to answer two questions – if it really were possible to time travel and you wanted to go back and rid the world of Adolf Hitler, how would you go about doing it? And what would your chances of success be?”

The author undertook a great deal of research in order to answer these questions but, remarkably, never allows the attention to historical detail to get in the way of the story, which is a fast-paced page-turner if ever there was one: “I wanted the book to be thought-provoking and for the reader to come away feeling they had learned a little bit of history, but my main goal was to keep people hooked right up to the end.”

Here are some of the comments made by Amazon customers:

“… a thoroughly entertaining ride containing plenty of conundrums, adventure, humour & violence! What more does a reader need?”
“… a rational and non-sensationalistic treatment of its narrator’s mission. Historical figures are presented realistically, and hypothetical characters and situations are neatly interleaved with actual events in a believable fiction.”
“… an irresistible, page turning, time travel trip that is easy to like and hard to put down. Marvellous first work!”
“… an intelligent, enjoyable and humane read with a serious central theme. It is also extremely entertaining. Great!”

This historical / science fiction thriller is available now as an eBook from Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony Reader Store and more.

The Assassination of Adolf Hitler
M.R. Dowsing

M.R. Dowsing lives in London, where he writes for the music magazines R2 and Bucketfull Of Brains, performs original songs under the name Hungry Dog Brand, and puts on a regular music night called Dogfishtrombone. He holds a BA in Studies In Contemporary Writing. By day he works as a bookseller.

‘The Assassination Of Adolf Hitler’ is his first novel. He quit his bookselling job in order to have time to research it properly and, luckily, managed to get his job back a year later before starvation set in. He hopes to be able to quit again soon in order to complete a sequel.

His first name is Martin.