A £12 book worth $24 billion….Never!!!!

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A new ‘do it at home’ therapy book would have saved Google’s Larry Page an awful lot of money this week, maybe as much as £24 billion.

Pause Button Therapy
Martin and Marion Shirran

If the person responsible at Page’s printers had read the new book ‘Pause Button Therapy’ the premature release of Google’s third quarter results would never have happened.

Coincidentally, the high profile Professor Philip Zimbardo, of Stanford University California, where Page did his masters degree has just written the foreword for the books imminent reprint.

Pause Button Therapy was developed by husband and wife team, Martin & Marion Shirran, at their Elite Clinic, near Marbella in Spain. It introduces an extremely simple ‘add on’ to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which is attracting interest from both psychology professionals and individuals around the world.

Many believe that the problem with ‘talking therapies’ is that they are just that, talking therapies, completely passive. PBT however introduces a tactile element: a A clever credit card size device which resembles a DVD remote control, allowing users to literally ‘Pause their mind’, giving them a few moments to think through any proposed action or thought.

Who in the world cannot think back to at least one instance in their life when they wished they had paused for a second before sending a hasty text or email, having the extra drink that took them over the limit? Think of everything from unwanted pregnancies to road rage, think of $24 billion!!!

Martin Shirran was so intrigued by the plight of Larry Page that he is offering to supply all 24,000 members of Google’s staff a signed copy of the book at a discount price to help offset the loss.