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Scandinavia’s best selling mindfulness application is finally available in the UK!

Do you want to improve your concentration?
Do you need help to relax after a stressful day at work?
Do you want to find more balance in today’s busy environment?
There is a simple and efficien solution to that: The Mindfulness App!

The Mindfulness App is a meditation tool that helps you to develop and increase your mindfulness. If offers various functions such as:

  • A reminder function that helps you to overcome the biggest challenge – namely to remember to be mindful
  • Ability to choose the duration of the meditation (3min – 30 min) which makes it easy to use in situations such as during lunch break, in the tube or even in the queue in the supermarket
  • You can be guided by a voice or just meditate in silence with bells ringing at different times
  • Completed meditations are stored in the statistics section so that you have the possibility to follow how your meditation is developing over time

The Mindfulness App is a great tool for everyone who wants to become more present in their life, both beginners and more experienced practitioners.

Start watching today our brand new video-diary showing a meditation-beginner testing the Mindfulness App! Be part of the one-week experience on how daily meditations can influence a life. Video Diary Day 1

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  • ”Nice design, simple and pleasant. Fantastic tool for beginners and those already practicing. Everybody should have it in their pocket. A really good gift.”
  • ”Simple, clear, beautiful, pleasant voice and flexible. This could really be what helps me meditate regularly”
  • ”What a nice app! Thorough and user friendly. A lot of functions but yet simple.”

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MindApps develops tools to help people find a better balance in today’s increasingly stressful existence. The Mindfulness App, is a tool for increasing your presence in daily life. MindApps is run by Martin Wikfalk, Mindfulness and Yoga teacher and Magnus Fridh, Yoga and meditation teacher.