T-Post celebrates blogal success with free trial

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T-post isn’t like any other magazine you’ve ever seen, instead of printing on paper they print their stories on a T-shirt, making the wearer their walking and talking billboards.

Here is T-post explained in two minutes: http://youtu.be/vIFjwrUjDUQ

Every month, subscribers receive their new issue/T-shirt in the mail, with a fresh news story printed on the inside and the artwork it has inspired printed on the front. The result is the ultimate conversation piece.

What began in Umea, Sweden, in 2004 as a fun media experiment amongst friends and just five shirts has become a buzz-worthy subscription business that currently spans over more than 50 countries.

With over 75 issues under T-post’s belt, extensive coverage in the media, (Time Magazine, Wall street Journal, Esquire, Nylon, Elle and many more), and a loyal following of global subscribers, much of T-post’s success can be attributed to their simple mission: Spread the news.

Celebrating their success, they now give the oppurtunity to try T-post for free for one month. (more information on: http://www.tpostmag.com/subscribe-to-t-post)

For high resolution pictures or more information:
www.tpostmag.com/press and http://www.tpostmag.com/about/all-about-t-post
Web: www.tpostmag.com

Previous T-shirt Issues: http://www.tpostmag.com/t-shirt-issues
Previous designers: http://www.tpostmag.com/t-post-artists

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/TpostTV
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