Top divorce lawyer comments on Demi Moore/ Aston Kutcher split

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Ayesha Vardag, of Vardags, named Britain’s top divorce lawyer, commented on the couple’s split which was announced yesterday.

The lawyer underlined that “there is a lot of “I told you so” type cattiness about Demi and the two-decade age gap. The fact is this is a couple of beautiful people who clearly loved and were very attracted to each other. Marriage is just hard, for all of us, and whatever works is a gift. It worked for them for a long time. If they can achieve an amicable settlement and part friends like Demi and Bruce Willis that will be a job well done and time together well-spent”.

Vardags has acted for many high profile individuals and it therefore came as no surprise when Demi Moore announced her decision yesterday to divorce Ashton Kutcher following the allegations of infidelity that have rocked their relationship over the last year.
When acting for individuals in celebrity marriages, the key objective when the relationship breaks down should always be to keep matters as private and as amicable as possible with a goal to resolve issues as quickly as possible. 
There are a number of factors that a Court is likely to consider in relation to their divorce.  
The couple individually have considerable wealth both having enjoyed successful Hollywood careers. It is reported that they are jointly worth approximately $290 million.  It appears that Demi may have taken more of a backseat in her own acting pursuits so as to support Ashton in his professional endeavours and if so, this may be taken into account.
It is not known whether they signed a pre-nuptial agreement, however, Demi may have initiated this in order to protect her personal wealth at the time of marriage and the reportedly $90 million financial settlement she received from Bruce Willis following their divorce.

Demi and Ashton did not have children together but have for the last 6 years raised Demi’s 3 children (from her previous marriage to Bruce Willis) as children of the family. The court may consider whether Ashton should a play a role in their financial support. 
Vargads emphasise that if they were to act for Demi, they would certainly be pushing for the court to consider Ashton’s reportedly high pay-out contract with CBS for his new role in the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men.