Breakthrough Service to Supervise Children’s Use of Mobiles Launched by MM Technologies

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Leading technology firm, mm Technologies, has today (Thursday) launched a mobile phone protection application system called ‘MobileMinder’.

‘MobileMinder’ provides parents with a complete child protection platform for mobile phones.

This breakthrough technology allows parents to see who their children are connected to, know where they are at all times, receive alerts when they arrive somewhere safely, be alerted to signs of cyber-bullying, prevent sexting and view internet sites visited by their children. It also has the unique feature called ‘I’m Lost’ which, when activated, sends a map and location of the child to parents or an older brother/sister.

“MobileMinder offers parents great peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their children and their use of mobile phones. In my day bullying was only done face to face but now, with most children carrying mobiles, a bully can harass their victim whenever they choose and we want to put a stop to this,” stated Don Corbett co-founder and CEO of mm Technologies. 

“One of Mobileminder’s unique features is the ‘social circle’, which allows parents see who is in their child’s real life social network. We alert parents to any unusual behavior from their child’s contacts, be that bullying or a new unknown contact who the parent may not know. We can also alert parents to the exchange of inappropriate images on their child’s phone and allow them to delete the photos if necessary.

“According to the FBI, every 40 seconds a child goes missing in the US and it is unbelieveable to think that, in this day and age, technology has not been developed to help prevent this happening.”

Another key benefit for parents of the MobileMinder system includes a gallery feature to prevent sexting (exchange of inappropriate image on a phone) which can in some US states result in a criminal record or worse still a sex offenders record for the child.

“Children make mistakes and sometimes use bad judgement. However now this can impact on the rest of their lives way beyond childhood affecting their ability to get into college or get a good job in the future” said Don. The gallery feature allows a parent to become aware of this activity and take the necessary action before it gets out of hand, in some cases allowing a parent to delete the image remotely from the phone.

“We wanted to develop a complete, easy to use solution for parents that would give them the peace of mind knowing their children were safe on their mobile phones.”

The service is now available at $7.99 a month as a special launch offer.