£1000 Prize Money on offer for Yorkshire’s young dancers and creative martial artists in X-Factor style competition

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Leeds based charity Lishi International, in partnership with Yorkshire Dance and Dust Farm Media, are offering young dancers and martial artists the opportunity to win a share of £1000 in prize money.

All they have to do is simply attend a free 90 minute masterclass with internationally renowned teacher Xiansheng Alex Boyd and then perform their own interpretations of the ancient Chinese dance form to camera.

Young people in the North of England, aged 14-19, are invited to take part in this unique opportunity to learn from an expert of this little-known dance style and achieve local fame. Videos of participants’ performances will be made available online for friends, family and the public to view and vote for. The winners and runners up will be decided by a combination of public votes and the scores of a panel of judges (http://www.lishi.org/classes/audition/).

Lishi Youth Instructor Michael Bursey says “This is a fabulous opportunity for any young person with a love of dance or martial arts to gain experience of an audition process, practise performance skills and gain public exposure that will look great on their CV or portfolio of work and who knows what other opportunities might come from it.”

International expert Xiansheng Alex Boyd says “With films like The Karate Kid showing many of the benefits of eastern disciplines we find that many young people take to Lishi Chinese Wushu Dance with ease and excitement as it is both fun and rewarding and it builds confidence of young people a lot”.

In Lishi (‘Lee Sher’) Chinese Wushu Dance you respond to a partner’s movements by yielding, evading and giving back. Choreographed dance sequences enable you to move fluidly on your own and with a partner even whilst using implements, including sticks, swords, long silks (picture Jaden Smith in The Karate Kid).

Lishi International (formerly The College of Chinese Physical Culture) is a Leeds based charity (1104209) that has been working with young people and adults in Yorkshire since 1998. Their work with young people has included partnerships with Intake Performing Arts high School in Leeds, Leeds Academy, Yorkshire Dance, Leeds Trinity University College, Leeds City College and schools throughout Yorkshire. They have received funding from V – Volunteering for Young People, European Social Fund, and many others.

Xiansheng Alex Boyd has over 20 years of professional and international Lishi experience as a principal dancer and teacher. He has choreographed and produced for TV, and improvised Popup’s and the stage (including the Royal Albert Hall).

£1000 Prize money will be shared as follows:
1 x £500
1 x £200
1 x £100
4 x £50

The master-class and audition will take place between 1 and 4pm on Sunday 25th September at Yorkshire Dance, 3 St Peter’s Buildings, St Peter’s Square, Leeds LS9 8AH.