New CEO leads the neutrinoBI expedition

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Jonathan Woodward joins NeutrinoBI to front the launch of a new generation of self-service BI search tools that deliver freeform search to unify existing BI platforms and accelerate the discovery of new business opportunities.

There’s a whir of activity and a buzz of excitement coming from NeutrinoBI, the innovative British business intelligence start-up.  Having developed a breakthrough search and discovery tool for the self-service business intelligence market, proved concept, and recruited some initial channel partners, NeutrinoBI is ready to make waves in the market.

To direct the launch, Jonathan Woodward, has joined the NeutrinoBI team as the interim CEO.

Roman McAlindon, Commercial and Financial Director of NeutrinoBI explains:
“We have made significant progress over the last few months with Jon at the helm.  He combines outstanding commercial and technology experience, and is exactly the right person to lead a company that understands the true value of business intelligence and is determined to help organisations to make the most of it.”

Jonathan Woodward joins NeutrinoBI with over 15 years experience in senior strategic and technology positions with leading IT companies including SunGard and Detica. During his career he has developed and honed extensive business development, commercial, and management skills.  His considerable success in representing IT companies in engaging with both partners and customers to develop and evangelize new technology solutions stands him in good stead as he takes NeutrinoBI forward.

Jon Woodward, CEO, NeutrinoBI: @JLWoodward / LinkedIn

“I join a terrific team of some of the UK’s brightest minds, and I’m excited by the opportunity that NeutrinoBI has to make a difference to the everyday working practices of business professionals, who are currently hampered and constrained by the availability of business intelligence”, commented Jon Woodward, CEO, NeutrinoBI.

NeutrinoBI is about to launch its initial products- NeutrinoBI Desktop and NeutrinoBI Server – through its partner program to OEMs, Systems Integrators and Resellers.   The roadmap is developed for other products and solutions to be added to the portfolio in the near future.  Watch this space.

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NeutrinoBI was set up in 2007 with a technology that has been developed from the ground-up to deliver the breakthrough in true self-service business intelligence search and discover capability that so many have been waiting for. The first ever freeform search tool, NeutrinoBI takes users from raw data to discovery in minutes, enabling faster decision making for agile businesses looking to develop a competitive-edge.

Regardless of the silo in which data is contained, NeutrinoBI allows professionals, whoever they are, wherever they sit in the organisation to simply search and discover. There are no prescriptive drop-down menu boxes; instead keyword phrases are entered in a similar way to how an internet search engine is used. With high performance in-memory analytics, NeutrinoBI generates fresh search results in minutes, not hours. It’s also an adaptive search tool, enabling users to enhance their searches and query on-the-fly to get the answers they’re seeking. It’s BI at its agile best.