Sweet Cures New Product Diabetrose – Utilises Fat-Burning Metabolism

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Sweet Cures of York, (UK) is achieving phenomenal sales with the company’s new product – ‘Diabetrose™’, based on arabinose, which is the natural substance in the raw food diet that helps us mammals release the glucose from the food we eat in a sustained way.


As a natural ‘rare’ sugar, we don’t get enough of it in the modern diet, because we don’t eat the foods – mosses, seaweeds, leaves, raw vegetables and roots that contain arabinose. This leads to an imbalance, with an excess in the modern diet of sugars that rapidly breakdown to glucose. The result is the typical ‘sugar rush’ when we eat, and a rapid rise in blood-sugar levels.

Blood-sugar spiking indirectly causes all sorts of problems from obesity to Diabetes Type II, because once the sugar-rush has faded we get hungry again and tend to eat too much. Often the matter is made worse because low blood-sugar makes us want to eat sweet things, which starts that cycle all over again.

When the sugar-rush from eating reaches a particular level, our body realises we are not going to need the glycogen we already have stored in our liver, and converts that excess glycogen into fat for long-term storage. This is the root cause of obesity. When people claim “It’s my metabolism…” they are correct. But breaking the fat storage cycle effectively changes the metabolism.

Since available energy drops and appetite increases as soon as glycogen begins to be stored as fat and blood-glucose levels begin to fall, the process of stabilising blood-sugar levels allows us to use stored glycogen as energy. When energy is available from stored glycogen, we don’t get hungry. This is the logic behind Diabetrose, and it may be why women have latched on to Diabetrose as a way to lose weight naturally. The process is simple – when we are less hungry, we eat less. When we use the energy stored as glycogen, we don’t store it as fat.

That’s not really something that can be argued with. What is interesting though, are the other health benefits associated with not being obese. When people claim “It’s my metabolism…” they are correct.

“People need to use the product responsibly rather than just using it to compensate for bad dietary habits.”

According to WebMD, [http://www.webmd.com/cholesterol-management/obesity-health-risks] people who are overweight are 40% more likely to die prematurely than people of normal weight, and to suffer from everything from heart disease and stroke to cancer. Many of these ill-effects are down to Type II Diabetes which tends to affect obese people, so losing weight is for them an important part of maintaining health.

Sweet Cures is keen to get the health message across to males too. John Bremner, a partner in the business says, “Diabetrose is not just aimed at women, although women are more weight-conscious than men, as a rule. But returning to good health and fitness is equally important to men. Men who are overweight suffer from all the same health problems that affect women, and some extra ones such as erectile dysfunction, prostate problems and other male-associated problems.”

It’s the way Diabetrose works that seems to be the key to its success. It’s not like going on a fad diet where sudden weight loss and subsequent gain can do more harm than good. Gradually getting blood-sugar levels under control returns the body to natural balance, especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Anna Sawkins, the other partner in Sweet Cures explains, “Here at Sweet Cures we are very aware of the way particular triggers can seriously affect our health, and our products are all about returning the body to a natural balanced state, but they are not panaceas. Someone recently asked us if they should take extra Diabetrose before eating a cake for breakfast. The answer is obviously to stop eating cakes for breakfast.

“Diabetrose can’t make up for living a completely unhealthy lifestyle. People need to use the product responsibly rather than just using it to compensate for bad dietary habits.”

The bonus is that as healthy habits are cultivated and unhealthy cravings disappear, overall health improves and less Diabetrose should be needed to maintain natural balance.