New CargoSafe Offering to Revolutionise the Future of Transportation of High Value Goods

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CargoSafe today announced the availability of a next generation solution for the transportation of high value goods.

Groundbreaking innovation offers unprecedented security and return on investment
Overwhelming market response at ‘Transport Logistic 2011’

Geo-positioning internet and telephone technology, a strong yet lightweight safe with a patented locking system, and ‘MyCargoSafe’ webportal for real-time online visibility combine to significantly reduce the risks associated with the transportation of high value goods and deliver rapid return on investment.

Supply chain loss and damages cost businesses billions of dollars each year, which, combined with a staggering increase in transportation requirements and the sophistication of criminals, is a major concern for many organisations.  This, together with the shortcomings of the solutions available, inspired CargoSafe to develop the most sophisticated and robust solution available today, leveraging advanced technology for the best in protection, security, tracking and tracing.

CargoSafe ( delivers tangible benefits by significantly reducing supply chain loss and spoilage.  In addition, the CargoSafe solution pinpoints when and where unexpected events occur – loss, damage or shock, etc – which both establishes definitive accountability and enables early corrective action.

CargoSafe launched at the world´s largest trade fair for logistics, IT and supply chain management, Transport Logistic 2011 in Munich, Germany, which attracted over 51,000 trade visitors from 134 countries. “Our launch in Munich gives us great confidence that our offering is truly unique. Given the scale of supply chain loss and damage, many organisations welcome with open arms the ability to reduce their exposure.  CargoSafe brings compelling ROI and unprecedented peace of mind,” comments Bas Wip, CEO, CargoSafe.

Brendan Kelly, Commercial Director, added “we are delighted by the overwhelming response, and, above all, confirmation that our target markets – High-tech, Pharmaceutical, Luxury goods and Jewellery – agree that our solution addresses a significant market need.” 

CargoSafe is exploring partnership and accreditation opportunities with leading industry players.

CargoSafe is a revolution in the secure and trackable transportation of high value goods.

With the cost of loss, leakage and spoilage during transport running to billions of dollars worldwide, CargoSafe can deliver an incredible return on investment immediately for carriers, manufacturers and consignees.

Designed by supply chain and logistics experts each bringing over 20 years’ experience in the international logistics business, CargoSafe has specialist security knowledge for High-tech, Pharmaceutical, Luxury goods and Jewellery sectors.

CargoSafe is available in the US and across free customs zones within the European Union.