Host Hoteleiendom har emittert NOK 150 millioner i et nytt 3 års obligasjonslån

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Det nye lånet har flytende rente med en margin på 6,00 % p.a., forventet innbetalingsdato er satt til 27. januar 2011.

Tilretteleggere for lånet er ABG Sundal Collier og SEB Merchant Banking.

Host Hotelleiendom AS was incorporated in 1993 and is the mother company of a Scandinavian hotel real estate company and is the active owner of the three subsidiaries Host Hotelleiendom Norge AS in Norway, Host AB in Sweden and Host Danmark AS in Denmark.

It has been the predominant real estate partner to First Hotels AS since its inception. Host currently owns 21 hotels throughout Scandinavia, totalling more than 3,300 rooms.

Host is an active owner which allocates considerable resources to acquiring, owning, developing, selling and asset managing hotel real estate with a view to creating long term sustainable cash flow and value.