Portal4Law SaaS Legal Practice Management offers OCR and Summarization Capabilities

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PortalSoft returns to Virtual LegalTech with enhanced SaaS offering that meets the needs of legal practices with sophisticated features and an affordable price…

PortalSoft™, a leader in legal practice management solutions, has announced that it has added optical character recognition (OCR) and a document summarization tool to the already robust capabilities of its Portal4Law™ service. The enhanced service, which defines a new price point for legal practice management software delivered as a service, presents an attractive and affordable alternative to litigators and other legal professionals who need to store, manage, search, review and annotate complex legal documents. PortalSoft will introduce the new features at the Virtual LegalTech trade show this week.

“At $39.99 per user per month, Portal4Law is poised to become the toolset of choice for legal practices of all sizes,” said Ajit Dandapani, chairman, CEO and president of PortalSoft. “The addition of document summarization and OCR tools further cements Portal4Law’s lead position in SaaS-based document management for law firms of all sizes.”

Portal4Law is the first SaaS service to provide industry-leading text recognition OmniPage technology from Nuance for seamless, fast and accurate OCR capabilities. By putting OCR in the cloud, rather than using PC-based solutions, legal practices can save time by reducing the burden on in-house computers and by automating the indexing process. Meanwhile, the service reduces costs by eradicating the need to buy, install and maintain costly software licenses or pay per-page fees charged by service organizations.

The document summarization tool, which is also provided as part of the standard Portal4Law service, provides document review and coding capabilities normally available only to deep-pocket law firms with large IT budgets. The feature lets legal professionals excerpt and annotate documents in a few simple steps while incorporating page and line numbers accurately and automatically. The service supports a wide range of deposition as well as file formats including text, Word, WordPerfect and PDF documents.

The Portal4Law service helps law firms remain efficient and responsive to the needs of clients and the courts, while maintaining a firm handle on IT costs. The service combines the proven capabilities of PortalSoft’s traditional software with a SaaS delivery model to ensure that the solution remains affordable for law firms of all sizes. The service provides comprehensive legal practice management capabilities, including high-performance e-Discovery, high-capacity document management, multiple-fee-arrangement invoicing, and secure, real-time collaboration capabilities.

PortalSoft is priced at $39.99 per user per month. Users may also choose a discounted annual pricing option of 12 months for the price of 11 ($36.66 per month per user). Users have the option to renew at annual subscription prices.

PortalSoft, based in Mountain View, Calif., grew from a division of an expert witness research firm. In 2004, founder Ajit Dandapani began to develop the company’s flagship product, Portal4Law. The software, which is designed specifically to address the sophisticated document storage, versioning, summarization, search and retrieval requirements of law firms, manages client, matter, email and contact data, as well as multiple-fee-arrangement invoicing. In 2010, PortalSoft launched Portal4Law™ version 5, its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering. The company is dedicated to providing effective and affordable legal practice management solutions that keep pace with the expanding number and complexity of matters that law firms must tackle.