Dr Frystacki invites you to a funded global discussion about dark energy

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Academician Dr. Henryk Frystacki invites you to an international discussion about exciting new ideas to explain the mysterious nature of dark energy.

Interested scientists, mathematicians, engineers, experts are invited to comment on these complementary views on dark energy that expands our universe with increasing speed. Private and public funding of a joint scientific project with discussions and practical examinations has been approved and put at disposal.

Dark energy and dark matter represent in current models of cosmology around 96% of energies of our universe. There are two solutions to describe dark energy and dark matter. One approach accepts the existence of these two energies, but starts from an assumption that they cannot be recorded with any existing measurement methods.

An alternative picture is drawn by the imagination that baryonic matter is anchored in space-time in such a way that the phenomena of dark energy and dark matter may represent distortions by no objective but subjective, asymmetrical evaluation of a basically symmetrical situation: One speed of light factor of the energy equation E=mc2 could describe the basic speed of light of baryonic masses in space-time-continuum. In this case, any relative speed would mean no increase of speed, but a decrease that is caused by turns in space-time.

Speed of light of baryonic masses in a basically symmetrical space-time structure would explain in a revolutionary way the simultaneity of events in three-dimensional space, with the subjective appearance of dark energy, and why masses can neither reach nor exceed the speed of light.

The website featuring the invitation is: www.escape-of-time.com