Cappuccine expands into Europe

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Michael Rubin, Cappuccine’s Founder and CEO is delighted to announce that Cappuccine’s Iced Frappé mixes are now in stock and warehoused in the European Union…

For the past 12 years, the company’s Iced Frappé mixes have been sold in Europe on an exclusive and limited basis to Coffee Chains who wanted to serve its great tasting, award winning frappes to their customers.

Its line of flavors created for the European market are readily available to distributors, coffeehouses, cafe’s and delis who want to offer specialty frozen beverages to their customers.

With the worldwide popularity of frozen beverage trend, coffee outlets can boost their profits by adding these high margin treats to their menu. Better yet, all one needs is a Blender or Granita machine to prepare them either frozen, over ice or hot.

Cappuccine’s current flavor selections include Café Carmel Crunch, Café Mocha Chip, Chocolate Indulgence, White Chocolate Symphony, Café Latté Extreme, Vanilla Express, Double Fudge Mocha, and Café Mocha.
They welcome quality, brand driven Specialty Coffee and Gourmet Beverage distributors throughout the European marketplace.

Its warehouses are centrally located in both The Netherlands and in Greece.

Cappuccine products are known as the worldwide quality leader wherever Frappes are sold. Pioneering the Blended Iced Coffee market, Cappuccine’s CEO and Founder, Michael Rubin, created the first super-premium frappe mix.

Its dedication to creating only the very best tasting products found anywhere has been acknowledged through 9 National Awards from both the Specialty Coffee and Gourmet Food industries. You’ll find Cappuccine in all corners of the world where espresso and blended coffee is sold.

Its products meet the most discriminating quality standards, including Kosher and Halal certification. Cappuccine’s wide variety of packaging and flavor choices translates into real excitement, for coffeehouse owners looking to create a world class frozen beverage program or for distributors of specialty products looking for a great selling, high margin product line that consumers love to drink.