IBTimes launches CFD trading centre for UK

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IBTimes has launched an independent trading centre for CFD (Contract for Difference) traders.

The UK business news provider’s new portal is called ‘CFD Centre’ and includes real time markets news, analysis, market data, charts, an economic calendar, brokers’ profiles and education resources for CFD traders.

As CFD traders face increasing competition for attention – IBTimes’ CFD Centre provides an independent news source that is backed by the branding of the International Business Times, which operates now in twelve countries worldwide.

Beginners and those less experienced in CFD trading can find dozens of articles, guides and tutorials in the special section dedicated to education, which is supplemented by videos, a glossary and interviews with CFD brokers.

The users can benefit from first hand exclusive analysis and market commentaries from top analysts such as David Morrison, Joel Kruger, Ashraf Laidi, Jane Foley and many others.

The CFD Centre is sponsored by FXCM who have partnered with IBTimes for the second subsequent quarter and is expanding its marketing activities on the IBTimes network.

“FXCM values the commitment that IBTimes has taken to launch the CFD Centre. With FXCM’s recent expansion into the CFD market we are happy to be a sponsor and to provide content to the site. It will be a great place for CFD traders to go for recent news and research.” Jaclyn Sales, syndication Manager at FXCM, said.

“IBTimes is the only mainstream business media news source committed to supplying the increasing number of CFD traders with real-time news updates, comments and other tools for successful trading,” Helder Cunha, Director of Content Development at IBTimes, said. “The IBTimes CFD Centre includes an abundance of real-time news, analysis and tools designed to accommodate the specific needs of CFD traders. The service will improve each day as we integrate feedback of industry veterans and our users, making the IBTimes CFD Centre the ultimate resource for every CFD trader.”

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