T-post honours real-life superheroes with good deed contest

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T-post releases t-shirt Issue 54 ‘I am Shining Star’, a superhero-inspired graphic tee that’s designed to awaken our inner superhero…

To prove it, T-post is giving away $1,000 to any costume-clad do-gooder whose YouTube video earns the most views.

Watch Preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDAZYL8NO98tpost1

Pulled from the headlines and interpreted by Japanese art director/creative director Yuji Tokuda, the latest issue of T-post celebrates the growing trend of true-life superheroes that dress up in colorful costumes and perform random acts of kindness.

One such character is Master Legend. Recently featured in a 10-page article on superhero subculture in Rolling Stone with his sidekick, Ace, Master Legend, a former wrestler, has become somewhat of a poster child/adult for this cult phenomenon.

And he’s not alone. In fact, there’s an entire legion of true-life superheroes out there that do everything from patrol neighborhoods, feed the homeless, pick up trash, and even kick a little ass if the situation calls for it. There’s even a documentary on the subject: Your Friendly Neighborhood Hero: The Documentary film about Real Life Superheroes. Hollywood must have taken notice too, because as we write this, Kick-Ass, an over-the-top movie about a teenager who becomes a real-life superhero, hits the mainstream.


T-post works a lot like a magazine subscription. Every five weeks, subscribers from over 50 countries receive a new issue/t-shirt in the mail. The offbeat news story is printed on the inside back of the shirt. And a graphic artist’s interpretation of that news story is printed on the front. For subscribers, the comment ‘Nice shirt’ now becomes an invitation to tell the story behind the design and create dialogue about an interesting world event.

More than just an innovative social brand, T-post is also an environmentally conscience one. To reduce waste, T-post is only sold online to subscribers using the principles of on-demand manufacturing, i.e. making only what consumers want. Additionally, shirts are sweatshop-free, often organic, and printed with eco-certified inks.