Essex sports company comes up with quick fix for gym owners

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Sportsafe UK has devised an innovative cable repair kit to get gym equipment running again quickly without calling out an engineer…

The First Time Fix Cable doesn’t need expert skills, so almost anyone can fit it. The only tool needed is a 14mm spanner, and the cable fits 90% of makers’ equipment.

Sportsafe’s Managing Director Jon Neill says: “This sort of repair can cost a lot of money, because cables need to be crimped, and the equipment for that costs thousands of pounds. Plus, an engineer sometimes has to visit a site twice. This is simpler and a lot cheaper. It’s a 6m cable, PVC-coated, in 4 and 5mm gauge, and you can cut it to length. The ends of the cable are pre-crimped, and have a nipple and an eye. You just cut off the one you don’t need and fasten on the Sta-Lok First Fix Eye in the pack.

“We designed this for one particular customer but soon realised that other gyms needed it. At first, it came in a big pack for £200, but then we realised that a lot of people needed a smaller pack with just one cable and two eyes. It’s ideal for engineers and gym owners as a long-lasting emergency replacement cable, and it’s got a load capacity of up to 500kg.”

The new kits cost just £52 + VAT. Sportsafe has applied for a patent for the cable kit and is the sole UK supplier. It is offering it to its own customers and other gym repair specialists, and welcomes inquiries from people involved in other activities and hobbies.

Mr Neill adds: “When a bit of gym equipment is out of action, it can mean unhappy customers and a lot of wasted time. In the past, equipment’s been mothballed for weeks, and engineers have had to make two visits – which is costly. This is better for everyone.”

Sportsafe UK was founded in 1997, and now employs 40 people in Colchester including a team of highly-qualified engineers who are ISO and CHAS accredited. It also has premises in Nottingham and Fort William.

The company offers nationwide coverage for the manufacture, installation and service of sports and fitness equipment. It also carries out safety inspections and servicing of PE and fitness equipment.

The company has more than 11,000 clients including schools, sports centres, councils and fire authorities. Prestigious installations have included the National Sport Centre on the Isle of Man, Guildford Grammar School and Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.

Sportsafe’s sports hall, gym and fitness room installations and refurbishments include basketball goals, cricket netting, climbing frames, five-a-side rebound boards and sports flooring.