World authority on Price Behavior to address Miami

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Mike Baghdady – a 33-year veteran of the NYBOT trading floor and global financial markets – will deliver the keynote speech to Bulltick Capital Markets’ upcoming Miami trading expo on Sunday 9, Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 August…

Mike will be trading live while delivering his speech: “The Power of Price Behavior and its Practical Application in Trading and Investing” to amateur and expert traders alike at the Bulltick offices (701 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131-2813), following a series of standing room only talks across Europe this year.

Delegates can expect to learn the rules and strategies essential for successfully trading in today’s turbulent markets, including: Technical Analysis and its practical application; Chart reading skills as they apply to Price Behavior; Identifying different market conditions and winning trades; Quantifying the correct risk for each trade; Identifying price significant points; Identifying the opening range; Breakout, Reversal, Significant point and flipping trades; Trading the news; Scalping techniques; Trade Preparation; Portfolio Selection; Trade initiation and liquidation rules; Calculating long-term stops; and the 22 rules of successful trading.

Mike says: “Trading for many today has become a function of taking buy and sell signals from technical indicators rather than applying the basic principles of Price Behaviour and chart structure. What I’m teaching my clients to look for are price points rooted in the charts that indicate how people are behaving and how to use this human behavioural information to successfully trigger a buy or sell.”

Since apprenticing under Alan Shaw CMT (considered the father of modern Technical Analysis), Mike has worked as a Commodities trader, Stock trader, Futures analyst, Options trader and an instructor for both Foreign Currency Exchange and Equities Markets. As an equity trader at Schonfeld Securities and instructor at Forex Capital Markets, he gained extensive experience in teaching and mentoring traders.

Now his web-based school,, teaches traders to manage risk and exposure through a unique price action system that provides his students with a quantifiable edge to increase their probability of success.

Mike’s catchphrase: “Trade What You See, Not What You Think” is the foundation of his industry-acclaimed strategy, which eliminates the emotion and guesswork in trading.

Mike predicted the 2008/2009 Bear Market on CNBC in November 2007. Watch his video here: