Academy Award winner Vic Armstrong to direct ‘Hot Stuff’

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Movie News Released by Carmen Stevens Productions

Los Angeles CA: ‘The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor’ action unit director Vic Armstrong and co-producer Josette Perrotta are teaming up yet again for the production of the action/adventure movie ‘Hot Stuff’ for Carmen Stevens Productions.

‘Hot Stuff’ takes you on an action packed adventure through the streets of Mumbai. The beautiful Tempe Walsh travels to India to help acquire a priceless statue complete with a curse and a blessing. Two underworld types will stop at nothing to get their hands on the rare statue. When gunshots ring out Tempe springs into action and runs into the handsome Brig O\’Brien. A night of wild adventure sends them into hiding in Bollywood. Kidnappings and mayhem follow as well as a relationship between Brig and Tempe.

Academy Award winner and legendary stuntman Vic Armstrong is set to direct ‘Hot Stuff.’ Vic is currently working with Tom Cruise again on ‘Valkyrie’ and is the action unit director from ‘I Am Legend’, ‘Mission Impossible 3’, ‘War of the Worlds’, ‘Gangs of New York’, ‘Die Another Day’, ‘The World is Not Enough’, ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and much more.

Josette Perrotta has come onboard as executive producer and has co-produced ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ and ‘300’.

Hot Stuff is based on a novel by Flo Fitzpatrick with the screenplay adaptation by Dan Guardino.

Principal photography on this $40 Million feature film is expected to begin in spring of 2009 upon the completion of the funding.

Producer: Carmen Stevens Productions – Executive Producer: Josette Perrotta
Director: Vic Armstrong – Screenwriter: Dan Guardino – Author: Flo Fitzpatrick
Associate Producer: Rolling Seas Promotions.