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Don’t let the credit crunch scare you off from getting hitched!! …let Ant and Dick show you how to tie the knot without losing the house!!

With the credit crunch instructing us all to stop our spending and lock up the credit cards it is understandable that some brides are being frightened away from their dream big day. but it needn’t be so wedding tv’s Ant and Dick can solve all of your wedding woes and in particular show how to have a show stopping day on a limited budget.

With wags and the rich and famous staging weddings on a par with west end shows and hollywood blockbusters how can us mere mortals even begin too try and create a magic day? house prices are dropping, interest rates are rising and credit is becoming more and more difficult to obtain so getting married is just another huge expense that we cannot seem to justify in our ever decreasing salaries.

In a study recently it is said that the average low budget wedding costs us around £16,000 now if you are anything like me £16,000 won’t be sitting in your rainy day kitty. So how exactly can we have a special wedding day and still remain somewhat financially fluid?? the answer is call Ant and Dick!!! her they tell us more:

“weddings have always been an expensive luxury, an opporunity to show off in front of our nearest and dearest and wow them with our no expense spared party, but it doesn’t have to be that way!!” strains Ant

“there are many low cost or in some cases even free alernatives and this should be every brides first consideration, before setting off to view the exclusive manor homes or hotels”

” a beautiful way to enjoy a magic and personal wedding is to hold it at home, there is nothing nicer than relaxing in familiar territority with your nearst and dearest” ” ask the guests to bring food, wine etc instead of wedding gifts and enlist the help of musical or talented aquaintences to provide the entertainment, this will be appreciatd much more by you and your guests” says Dick

ASDA have recntly launched their own wedding range and they can provide a complete package for less than £1600.00 ” The ASDA range is great, and by adding the right accessories and customising you can look just as good or even better than the over tanned wags gracing Ok magazine” laughed Ant.

for further info please visit or email Anthony Miller