New E-Book on Moneymaking Profit Lenses

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Squidoo is a great website, where you can build any number of lenses (as they are called), in a few minutes, and on a variety of topics. Squidoo will place links to products from companies like Amazon, which are directly or indirectly related to the topic of your websites, called Squidoo lenses.

The new E-Book “Build A Moneymaking Network of Profit Lenses on Squidoo” by Warren Brown is a well researched piece of writing. To make your lenses popular you can invite your friends to visit your lens, you can Blogroll your lenses by connecting and referring others to other high ranking lense.You earn a commission on every purchase made from your lenses. You can also know the Royalty you have earned from your lens, the traffic to your lens, either direct or referrals. Build your Squidoo network of lenses today.

The best way to know how the system works is to visit Squidoo today and make a few lenses on a few of your favourite topics. The process is simple and in order to gain revenue from your lenses make a Pay Pal account, so that the money earned can go directly to your account. If you would like to give some money to a charitable cause, there is an option you can choose. Pick up your copy from the Lulu website: