Corruption in New Labour’s MI5

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Dear Madam/Sir,

I am writing to you in order to bring to your
attention serious corruption that I have uncovered
in the British Police Force and MI5. If I have contacted
you before please accept my most sincere apologies.

For more than seven years I have had my human rights
abused by the British Police Force and MI5. Due to a lack
of hard evidence, I have tried and failed to take Blair and
MI5 to the European Court of Human Rights. Over the last
seven and a half years I have been repeatedly poisoned,
have suffered two serious nervous breakdowns and have
had all attempts to find stable employment quashed, despite
being an innocent man.

You can read about this in full on my blog pages at
I should warn you that some of the content is extreme, but that is because
I have become very angry. In addition I am an atheist and I practise
my right to freedom of speech in an aggressive way, so if you are deeply
religious I would avoid looking at my website. I am currently
contacting as many world press outlets as I can, so you will be in no
danger if you look at the site. In addition I believe that
is generating substantial traffic.

During these abuses I have uncovered a lot of information about MI5
corruption including: recruiting Judges, Police and journalists, the assassination
of their own people with knives and protecting a paedophile and
former Director General of MI5, Steven Lander.

I do hope you can break this scandal.

Yours faithfully,

Guy Abbott