Honestech’s Video Patrol IP Based Video Surveillance Software Available for Trial

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Video Patrol 5.0 Enables Video Surveillance via IP to Mobile Devices and remote PC’s

Honestech’s Video Patrol IP Based Video Surveillance Software Available for Trial

Video Patrol 5.0 Enables Video Surveillance via IP to Mobile Devices and remote PC’s

Austin, TX, March 20, 2007 – Honestech, Inc., a leading developer of digital video software technology for multimedia content and Internet Protocol (IP) solutions for PCs and Handheld devices, unveiled a trial version of it’s recently released Video Patrol 5.0, the company’s latest version of its comprehensive video monitoring surveillance software. When combined with a Webcam, Video Patrol 5.0 turns any internet connected PC into a powerful monitoring system that can inexpensively protect and patrol homes and businesses and be monitored real-time over the Internet. The trial version provides 30 days of full functionality, downloadable from more than a hundred web sites, works with most webcams.

The highly customizable Video Patrol 5.0 software enables advanced scheduling to make regular monitoring easy and automatic, and users can predefine timed or motion-triggered surveillance events. The software even makes it possible to send out predefined e-mail alerts with surveillance recordings attached, allowing users to observe whatever activity the camera captures even when they are away from the home or business.

Video Patrol 5.0 enables PCs to capture and save images and video in MPEG file format enabling remote monitoring and recording providing security, baby sitter monitoring, or pet monitoring. Utilizing proprietary software, Video Patrol 5.0 also has a built in “motion sensor” which detects motion as a “triggering event” and automatically begins recording. Once recorded, the surveillance videos are stored for later replay and can be saved to a CD, DVD or a user’s own FTP server.

The latest version of Video Patrol offers even more flexibility for users to monitor their homes and businesses while they are away. The software includes free online membership that enables users to view their video surveillance from Internet-enabled computers and mobile devices, including PDAs, Sony PSPs and Web-enabled mobile phones.

Video Patrol 5.0 can be used with other Honestech products including Video Editor 7.0 which would enable users to edit the video captured by Video Patrol or Fireman 3.0 which would enable users to burn CD’s or DVD’s of the captured videos.

Retail versions of Honestech’s products, including Video Patrol 5.0, VHS to DVD 3.0 Deluxe an Analog to Digital Video format conversion kit for converting VHS to DVD, MY IPTV & CAM Anywhere an Internet Protocol (IP) Television and Camera kit for remote viewing, and Fireman 3.0 CD/DVD Burner an easy to use CD and DVD burning utility, are available at leading retailers including; Fry’s Electronics, CompUSA, Costco, Office Max, Office Depot, Amazon.com, and are available from the companies web site at www.Honestech.com. The full version of Video Patrol 5.0 is widely available with a suggested retail price of $49.99.


About Honestech, Inc.
Honestech, Inc. is a premier supplier of digital video and Internet Protocol (IP) communication and entertainment solutions. Founded in 1998 by a group of digital pioneers, the company’s vision is to bring high-quality digital video into PC, handheld and phone users’ daily lives by transforming the way digital video is created, delivered and experienced. As a pioneer of real-time MPEG encoding/decoding software technologies, Honestech is working with innovative companies around the world to enable the transition from analog to digital video. Honestech has offices in Austin, Texas, Quebec, Canada, Taipei, Taiwan, Tokyo, Japan and Daejeon, Korea.

For more information about Video Patrol 5.0 and Honestech, visit www.honestech.com.