Beckhams Career is Over

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£128 million over five years. £25.6 million a year. £2.1 million a month. £533 thousand a week. £76 thousand a day. £3 thousand an hour. £52 per minute. £1 a second. \”It\’s not about the money\” says David Beckham. Having turned down Real Madrids offer of a 2 year contract extension and choosing to play for LA Galaxy in American Soccer League, MLS. Pull the other one David.

I suspect along with many others that\’s a bit of a fib from the the former England captain. You can buy alot of beans with that. And I\’m sure the scorching weather didn\’t do any harm either. David Beckham\’s decision to move to America to play football or \’soccer\’ is an absurd one. One he has tried to cover up with tripe of helping the kids and building a team. If you want to help build a team and be part of the lads why not go and play for Halifax Town? Far more potential there than LA Galaxy.

Los Angeles is one big movie set, full of Barbie Dolls crying out for fame. The one thing brand Beckham lacks. American fame. So out they go, let the cirus begin.

Sadly, the one thing Beckham seems to have forgotten is what him famous. Football. He was a footballer. But not anymore. He is a puppet. A victim of the brand his wife has built, a mere parody of himself. How Beckham can claim he is going there for the football is staggering. The MLS is nothing better than amateur. A league that is continuously poached of its talent by the European leagues. And David, that is because the best players play in Europe, to test themselves against the best, to win the most prestigious prizes. Not to have a footballing holiday.

At 31 and benched by Madrid, running to American appears an admission from Beckham that he can no longer cut it at the top. Lets get one thing straight, he isn\’t and never has been world class. Yes, he has world class attributes but also possesses to many weak ones, tackling and heading being two. Alex Ferguson\’s judgement came into question after selling Becks to Madrid, after suspecting the player was no longer a player but a celebrity, how smug Fergie must feel. Especially as Real Madrid manager Fabio Capello has since revealed Beckham will no longer figure in his plans. It appears Capello was rumbled by the big Beckham style announcement and press conference which was performed via satellite link up from Spain to America. How arrogant for a player to think that 6 months before the actual move he is to hold a press conference without his current managers permission. Name one other player who has done this so far in the January window?

The reality of it is Beckham is being paid an unjustifiable sum of money to promote the MLS. To promote. I doubt they would care too much if he played, so long as they have the brand. Beckham may very well be a success on the field, if he fails on the field he will simply be laughed at. Beckham has ensured one thing by making this choice. Credibility is something he no longer has.