Boo for Walgreens!

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Halloween Scrooges………Boo for Walgreens.

I’m not a critic, just a mom, and what I saw on this Halloween really disappointed me. My friend and I both have two kids each and were walking along trick or treating and yapping as we always do. Now it’s Halloween and you know that a lot of kids will be walking past your house and fine, I understand how some people may not want to be bothered at answering the door and handing out candy whether their reason being religious or financial or whatever….no problem. What I was most disappointed in was the reaction these four kids got when we walked in our local Walgreens Drug Store………..NONE! There were people behind the counter ringing customers up and I looked to my left and I saw two ladies in the cosmetic department doing whatever they were doing but no one even looked up and acknowledged those kids…….I couldn’t believe my eyes that a merchant as large as Walgreens couldn’t spare a candy or two for a few kids. Not to mention that we are local residents that give them business. To give a piece of candy to a few children would be just a way of saying “thank you for your business throughout the year” in my opinion. Obviously the workers were instructed not to give candy out but not to even acknowledge four small children and pretend that they weren’t even there, I think that’s terrible of them. They all stood there looking around for a minute and then my friend and I that had remained by the door said “OK kids, I guess they’re not giving out any candy here, let’s go to CVS”, which we did.

We have a CVS Pharmacy only about two blocks away and when they walked in this store, let me tell you it was like night and day. What a difference! All the workers which were mostly younger people, were all dressed up in costumes and they all smiled at the kids and commented at how they all looked so good, and one girl dressed as Snow White came from behind the counter with a basket of candy and offered it to the kids. They all had big smiles on their faces and all said “thank you” and “Happy Halloween” as they walked away and were waving at all the employees while they were all waving back. That was a total different experience than the one from the previous store. They were four small children, ages between 4 and 7 so you know that smile, a wave, a “Happy Halloween” from people as they went along their trick or treat path meant a lot to them. They even got a balloon each from the corner florist….so what’s wrong with Walgreens that they can’t make a child happy. I was very disappointed with them. In the past I did go into the Walgreens when I saw things on sale, but now more than ever I will not do any shopping ever at Walgreens no matter what’s on sale, I would rather pay full price at another store because they sure have left a sour taste in my mouth this Halloween.

Guess what? I was the scrooge this past Christmas………………I didn’t buy one single item at Walgreens. Sorry, but if they are going to be that cheap or unfriendly to children on Halloween, then why would I want to give them any of my “cheer” ($$$$’s) at Christmas time?

Mrs. Luisa Timur
North Arlington, New Jersey