Hot Peppers May Relieve Katrina Cough In Cajun Country

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Hurricane Katrina victims have called upon SiCap Industries, makers of the world’s first “Hot Pepper Nasal Spray,” to help put an end to the dreaded “Katrina Cough”.

(EMAILWIRE.COM, May 10, 2006) Albany, NY — Bonnie Pierson and her family lost everything when Hurricane Katrina hit – their cars, homes and many of their worldly possessions. With nowhere to turn, Bonnie and her family made the trek to a relative’s home in upstate New York.

Bonnie had been suffering from chronic headaches for many years, but after Katrina hit, her headache and sinus symptoms grew significantly worse. In October 2005, as the mold spores began spreading throughout the vacated neighborhoods of her parish, Bonnie found “Sinus Buster” hot pepper nasal spray at C\’s Discount Pharmacy in Metairie, Louisiana.

Bonnie was amazed at how well this strange “All Natural” concoction worked for her headaches and allergy symptoms, and she has been using it ever since. Then after moving to New York, Bonnie started hearing from friends and family suffering from the symptoms of “Katrina Cough” including headaches, congestion and severe sinus complications. Bonnie immediately thought Sinus Buster might be able to help these people the same way it helped her.

“Before I found Sinus Buster, I was getting shots from the doctor to keep my headaches at bay, but nothing ever really worked the way Sinus Buster does. I became a believer right away. After I moved to New York, I started hearing more about the Katrina health problems effecting my family and friends back home. I immediately thought of Sinus Buster, and I just knew it could help the hundreds of people who need it all over Louisiana. My mother and I decided we had to find the Sinus Buster company and try to get their help. I couldn’t believe it when we found out they were right in Albany which was close to where we are staying,” says Bonnie Pierson.

Ironically, Bonnie had unknowingly moved within 40 minutes of Sicap Industries, the makers of Sinus Buster, and she called the company right away. Bonnie asked SiCap to send Sinus Buster to her hometown church down in Lafitte, Louisiana – a township located barely 20 miles from New Orleans and directly in Katrina’s path of destruction. According to Mrs. Pierson, there are scores of people stuck in Louisiana suffering from chronic allergy related problems caused by the aftermath of Katrina\’s flooding.

“It has become a major health hazard, and Sinus Buster just may be the answer. I know it helped me,” says Bonnie.

Sicap Industries is sending two types of pepper nasal spray to hurricane victims – their original hot pepper Sinus & Headache formula, and a brand new Allergy formula made with Stinging Nettle.

“Our goal is to supply as much product as it takes to cover everyone down there who needs it and cannot pay for it. We can only do this through churches and community displacement centers so we can make sure the Sinus Buster gets to the people who need it the most. We are committing a percentage of our total sales to this project so we’re hoping people who can afford it will buy it in the stores down there, or on our website The most important thing about this is the opportunity it provides for us to do a general study using capsaicin from hot peppers. We’re hoping doctors in the mold ridden areas will join us in this venture to prove the effectiveness of hot peppers against the symptoms hitting Katrina victims right now,” says Wayne Perry, president and founder of SiCap Industries.

While health department officials cannot pinpoint exactly how wide spread the problem is, they do admit it effects a large number of displaced Katrina survivors. With recovery efforts continuing nearly eight months after the hurricane, many of Katrina’s victims are still struggling to pull their lives back together. Unfortunately, the chronic health problems these people face are only making matters worse. Doctors in the hardest hit areas are reporting a significant increase in chronic allergy symptoms and headaches with no real end in sight.

Most of the predominant health risks appear to be coming from the expansive growth of molds brought on by Katrina’s flooding. As the water has subsided, various molds have grown throughout houses and businesses along the hurricane ravaged coast. These molds release harmful spores that can cause a multitude of chronic health problems such as those experienced with the Katrina Cough.

According to SiCap officials, Sinus Buster nasal spray can force the sinus cavities to release allergens caught within the nerve fibers running throughout the sinuses and head. This method relieves symptoms by over stimulating nerve fibers deep within the sinuses and throughout the Trigeminal nerve network to release harmful toxins and pain causing chemicals. The result is a complete and almost instantaneous relief of symptoms.

“We’re just praying Sinus Buster is the answer for most of these people still suffering the lingering health affects of Katrina, and we’re going to keep supplying product for as long as it takes until we can wipe out at least a majority of Katrina Cough cases,” adds Wayne Perry.

The first thousand bottles of Sinus Buster have already been shipped to the Amazing Grace Church of God in Lafitte, Louisiana. From there, the product will be distributed by Pastor Ricky Hagar and his church members through their certified displacement centers.

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