Reverse Sexism

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Yorkie’s ‘Not For Girls’ advertisement, and recent fast food commercials acknowledging the downside of the femininisation of society may appear like the re-emergence of chauvinism, but they in fact massive steps towards gender equality.

For too long reverse sexism has masqueraded as equality, as women cease control of society and label almost all remaining bastions of masculinity ‘sexist’. The society created by men, that advocates – at least in theory – equality for all, is being claimed by women. Women have a ‘trump card’ for all occasions – sexism. Political correctness, the single greatest existing threat to free speech, ensures anything that does not openly support the view that females are the superior sex, is considered sexist.
It is no longer a man’s world. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. Women have taken control, and even men are now becoming increasingly feminine. It is acceptable to have sports, insurance, and societies just for women, but when roles are reversed, this is considered the greatest form of sexism. Golf clubs for men are thought of as the most chauvinistic and disgraceful of organisations, yet who would bat a mascara-lined eyelid at the thought of a women-only golf club. Diamond Car Insurance make their money by mocking male drivers and making sure women are viewed as superior, yet if a car company did the same for men, there would no doubt be a revolution.
The laws of this country are designed to protect men and women, yet women are given far greater protection. Like white people are discriminated against by laws only they can commit, as too are men. If a man ‘flashes’ a women, he is not harming her, but he can be prosecuted. If a woman does the same, she will not be prosecuted. Surely this double standard is the definition of sexism! Likewise, if a white person murders a black person, it is a racist hate crime, yet if a black person was to murder a white person, it is just plain murder. Double standard! Why is it that everyday new laws are created that only white men can commit? Surely a society based upon a theory of equality should create laws that offer equal protect to all, and stop attempting to punish one section of society.
But this is getting complicated, and too many of modern society’s problems are being exposed here. The issue is the reversal of the femininisation of society. I cannot emphasise enough the passion I have for equality – between genders, races, religions, sexualities etc. However, when I see women being offered benefits men are not offered, I see a major flaw in the theory of equality. The fact is, we are not all equal. Men are far superior to women at some things, while women are far superior to men at others. The important fact is that we are viewed in the eyes of the law, and of society, as equal, and surely offering special favours to one group over another to compensate for past hardships is not only hypocritical, but sexist, or racist, or simply prejudice, depending upon the situation.
So, when I see adverts in the media that appear sexist towards women, I wrongly celebrate. I know I shouldn’t, but I do. The adverts are obviously comical, and do not seriously advocate sexism, but nonetheless, in a supposedly equal society, they should have no place. However, with a hundred or more adverts and organisations openly criticising men simply for existing – for every one that subtly or otherwise implies a gender bias against women – perhaps a gentle satirical advert is not out of place. I truly hope that the sexist views of these adverts make women, and society, take a good look at the anti-male views of the vast majority of adverts on television, and reconsider the methods through which equality is supposedly sought.