Junk food – could it be the cause of our health problems?

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Junk food continues to pervade the world regardless of its poisonous content. Many people may be utterly ignorant about how much damage junk food can do to humans.

Junk food is devoid of nutritional values. All it does is to damage our immune system, paving the way for viruses to attack us. There is no point in eating food which harms us in such a lethal manner. Such food slowly causes decay to our cells, but not many people seem to understand this. Why do fast food restaurants continue to be popular when all they serve up is junk food? Why can’t people realise that these fast food restaurants are only interested in profits, not the wellbeing of people? I wonder if people bother to consider the amount of preservatives, chemicals and artificial additives found in such food. My point is eating such food ultimately only leads to self-destruction not only in mind but in body as well.