on-IDLE to Design The Variety Club Website

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The Variety Club (http://www.varietyclub.org.uk) has appointed on-IDLE (http://www.on-idle.com) London-based design and web development agency to re-design its website with an easy-to-use content management system (CMS).

21 September 2005, London, UK

on-IDLE to Design The Variety Club Website

Web Development and Design Agency on-IDLE Win Three-Way Pitch to Re-design Children’s Charity Variety Club of Great Britain Website


The Variety Club (http://www.varietyclub.org.uk) has appointed on-IDLE (http://www.on-idle.com) London-based design and web development agency to re-design its website with an easy-to-use content management system (CMS).

The Variety Club works to improve the lives of sick, disabled and disadvantaged children throughout the UK and have a membership drawn largely from the entertainment industry.

The re-design will reflect the dynamic nature of the charity and reinforce its strong business focus, whilst retaining an element of fun for the children which are at the heart of the organisation. The new site will be launched in Autumn 2005.

Managing Director and Co-Founder Ané-Mari Peter at on-IDLE explains, “It is a truly modern makeover and places The Variety Club as a forerunner of design and online accessibility in the charity sector. The new design will reflect the charity’s X factor and drive their offline offerings, bringing together output across all regions under one distinct and recognisable style.

The content management system enables Variety Club to manage their own content so that they can keep audiences abreast of their many events and appeals. Winning the three-way pitch has given us the opportunity to contribute in some way to what wee see as the greatest children’s charity in the world.”

Simon Walsh, Head of Press and Public Relations at The Variety Club adds, “The re-development of the site presents an opportunity to enhance communication with current contributors, whilst opening up new channels for potential sponsors, donations and supporters. The new site will also reflect the latest standards in accessibility to ensure The Variety Club reaches as wide an audience as possible.”

on-IDLE have been providing design and technology to increasingly high profile clients for over five years and are quickly developing their reputation for original identity design that compliments their open source technology products and services.


—-Notes to editors—-

This press release in available in PDF, plain text and Word formats. Photographs are available of the on-IDLE team.

The media spokespeople for on-IDLE are Ané-Mari Peter, Co-Founder and Managing Director and Marc Peter Co-Founder and Creative Director.

About on-IDLE

on-IDLE is an independently owned- and managed London-based design and web development agency, established in June 1999. The company trades in the UK, Swiss, Saudi Arabian and Chinese markets, with clients being on average of 60% repeat business. Typical customers are in the media, banking, travel, charity and education market sectors.

on-IDLE provide Branding, Design and Development services for off- and online mediums, which include: internet, intranet, mobile devices, print and signage. The company specialise in the development of CSS, XML and Flash-based online solutions, often driven by their in-house Open Source Content Management System.

on-IDLE staff provide specialist web and print design software training to the London College of Communication, the Swiss Universities of Art and Design in Zürich and Bern, Online Labor Zurich and to the marketing departments of corporations. Marc and Ané-Mari Peter are also the authors of regularly published articles relating to new media industry matters in the UK, Germany and Switzerland.

What does “on-IDLE” mean?
“on-IDLE” is a code script handler that is activated when something is down / not responding as expected – when the computer is idle. The “on” command activates the application / tool / device again. Similar to a car idling, it is ready to go, but only when the handler is activated (gas pedal and gears) does it go. on-IDLE do a lot of trouble-shooting and updates on previously developed work for agencies and companies, making the name more apt than ever in today’s fast changing interactive environment. We always tease our customers with this made-up script: “on-IDLE go pub”, i.e. leave the problem with them and go and relax.


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