Opinion: Media’s morbid curiosity with terror

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Coverage of the terrorist attacks in London has bordered on the obsessive. But who’s responsible for the monster our demand for details has created?

 The recent attacks on London have delivered a devastating blow to the notions of security and comfort that had previously protected the citizens of London and enabled them (and us as a nation) to maintain our way of life, free from fear and violence.
However, the deaths of more than 55 innocent civilians have destroyed those previously firm foundations of normality and routine and replaced it with the feelings of insecurity and irregularity.

While the initial reaction of Prime Minister Tony Blair has been to encourage an immediate return to normality, and imploring the populace of London to "go on doing what we do" conveys a seemingly positive and practical message in my opinion this reality is being hindered by the seeming desperation of broadcasters to highlight all major and minor incidents possibly pertaining to terrorism.