Mithun molested Sush in rape shot

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Kalpana Lajmi’s ambitious project Chingari has become a fierce battleground for Sushmita Sen and Mithun Chokroboty where the two are slugging it out even when the shooting for the film has been wrapped a long time back.

Though the veteran actor was on the sets for just couple of weeks but he never got along with Sushmita, who has developed a compulsive habit to nag.

According to sources the tiff started on the day one itself when the rape scene was shot between the two. After the final take, Sush left the sets fuming about how Mithunda touched her inappropriately during the scene. Though she didn’t make a public outcry about the issue but her angst was obvious to the director Kalpana Lajmi who shrug it as just occupational hazard.

Denying any incident of misbehaviour from Mithun she says, “Mithunda never misbehaved with Sush. But yes, I found him very disturbed. I think he cannot take the fact that he has aged and his comeback films have not clicked.”

But what’s wrong with Sush?

“She wants to hog all the limelight,” says the crew members.

“At times, she’d drift from the original scripts and even improvised the dialogues. Even Kalpanaji had a big showdown with her. On the last when she threw a huge fit day, the producer walked away without acknowledging it.”

Some of them even add that Sush is now sitting with Lajmi as she edits the film, the charge Kalpana denies.

“Why would she sit at the editing table when she’s present in every frame? Besides, I would never tolerate such kind of interference from anyone,” she says.

Chingari is a story of a prostitute played by Sushmita Sen and a postman played by Anuj Sawhney.