Ten ways to reclaim your weekend

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Make every weekend feel like a mini-break. Put the zing back with our top 10 easy tips that will make you feel like new come Monday…

Energy shower

Wash away the week with a luxurious shower designed to cleanse, detoxify and rejuvenate. Start by body brushing for five minutes, using upward strokes. Then lather-up with an energising shower gel, followed by an exfoliating scrub. Finish by alternating with cold and hot water to really get your circulation going.

Get a hobby

Get the most out of your weekend by joining a club or getting a new hobby. Chose something you are passionate about. Passion is a source of power that enables you to get fired about life and make a difference. The more passion and zest you feel, the more alive you become.


Begin your weekend by going for a nice long walk. It’s great way to leave the week behind and a great form of exercise. By the time you get back you will feel refreshed and ready to begin your weekend.

Book an appointment for housework

Don’t let household chores take over your weekend. While we need to get things done, the weekend is for relaxation and fun too! Make a list of essential chores, estimate how long each will take, then make an appointment to do them in your diary. This way housework is at a specified time and doesn’t take over the entire weekend.

Be spontaneous

Add some adventure to your life by trying something new. Following the same routine can make life dull and lower energy levels. Varying your routine can instantly refresh your life. Being spontaneous doesn’t mean doing something dramatic, just a change to your normal routine will make a world of difference.

Get breezy!

A blast of fresh air through your home can invigorate your whole house. Stuffy central heating and a lack of fresh air can cause headaches, trigger allergies and make us feel generally sluggish. Open all the windows for 30 minutes in the morning and your energy levels will rise.

Switch the TV off

One of the quickest and simplest ways of gaining extra time is to turn the TV off for the whole weekend! Many of us have the TV on almost continuously in the background and by turning it off you’ll be amazed at how much extra time you will have.

Turn the alarms off

It’s a sound that most of us dread, so turn the alarms off at the weekend. Let your natural body clock take over. If children wake you up early, try taking turns with your partner to get up with them.

Undress to de-stress

One of the reasons we feel so relaxed at a spa is because we float around in a fluffy robe and slippers all day. Get the same feeling at home by donning a freshly cleaned robe and your slippers. You’ll soon discover how much more relaxed you feel than when you are dressed formally for work.


We were told not to daydream at school, but our imagination is a good way of making our dreams come true. By daydreaming about a future event, you are essentially dress rehearsing for the real thing. When the event comes, you’ll find you feel calmer and more confident entering the situation.