”Canadian Idol”

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Forget about Friday the 13th; if your name is Caroline Marcil Friday the 22nd is the one you’ll want to look out for.

Friday the 22nd will be one that Ms. Marcil will surely not forget because, let’s be honest, singing the national anthems before a big Team Canada vs. Team USA pre-World Championship exhibition game at the Colisee in Quebec in front of a crowd of 7,166 people is quite a big thing for an aspiring singer…unfortunately for her though, that’s not what she did.

After starting to sing the “Star Spangled Banner”, you know, the song that you rarely hear at the end of Gold medal hockey games, she stumbled a little bit with the words. Now, some folks have said that if you fall off the proverbial “horse” that we call life, you’ve got to just get back on. She had obviously hear this phrase before, but on that note, had obviously never rode a horse.

It’s really a shame that she didn’t have any pessimistic friends nearby to give her some other Homer Simpson-esque words of advice like “trying is the first step towards failure”, because fail she did as she forgot the words again. To be fair, it’s not that great of a song anyways, but she went to the room to grab the words amid a barrage of French “boo’s” and undoubtedly a few chuckles.

Caroline made it back out to the ice, but if you thought that it couldn’t get any worse for this poor girl, you were in for a surprise. To say that at this point she fell off the horse again would be wrong, because in reality she fell off of the carpet that she was standing on and lay motionless on the ice before finally getting up and cutting her losses and hitting the dressing room to be consoled by the people that should have took her out in the first place.

On the following Sunday Marcil did make it out to Good Morning America and performed the national anthem flawlessly…as they say, third times a charm!

Moral of the Story: Canadian netminder Martin Brodeur pretty much sums it up with this quote: “There was a little bit of humour involved. It was just too bad for her. I was just thinking that I hope she’s not on Canadian Idol.”