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Whatchu Talkin' Bout?

A new wave of slang collectors are trying to keep up with language as it evolves.

As an Oregon high schooler might say: dankidy!

Barring licenses for illegal immigrants

In most states, drivers must prove they're legally in the country to get a license. But tightening requirements make it impossible for even some legal immigrants to get behind the wheel.

Same-sex couples earn less than heterosexuals

Researchers at the Williams Institute at UCLA found a large income gap between same-sex couples and married heterosexuals - even more pronounced among non-white gays and lesbians, who make up 20% of same-sex parents.

Polygamists hit the Web in search of 'sister-wives'

Hundreds of evangelical Christians who believe in polygamy have set up Web sites to help couples find a few extra wives.

Manhattan tattoo parlor

When a woman came to Damien Deeds’ Manhattan tattoo parlor last year with a five-inch perforated keloid scar across her shoulder blade, he saw a creative opportunity.

The disappearing hyphen: Surnames getting simpler

Hyphenating a surname at marriage is no longer the powerful feminist statement it once was. The hyphen’s moment has passed...

Inside the box: Artists find inspiration in dioramas

Whether on display in a museum or the shoe-box creations of students, dioramas have sparked imaginations, as well as a debate...

What was that? Below-the-radar racism explored

Now that blatant displays of racism are condemned and even outlawed, some psychologists are exploring more subtle expressions of prejudice...

Rosie the Riveter, redux

Only three percent of US construction workers are women. But with baby boomers about to retire, employers and labor unions need women more than ever...

For Holocaust survivors, a final struggle

More than 60 years after the holocaust, survivors are struggling for survival. Their enemies are now poverty and neglect, despite millions being set aside for their benefit...


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