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Recent 'chick flicks' are not just for girls

More and more guys are becoming fans of so-called “chick flicks.” Recent studies show men enjoy them almost as much as women, and their enjoyment is higher if the movies involved are presented as fantasy rather than based on facts.

Can catgirls save the troubled US anime industry?

Drastic declines in DVD sales - from $550 million to $350 million in 4 years - mean trouble for the US anime industry.

While they were out, striking writers kept writing

The 100-day writers' strike provided just the free time and creative stimulation writers needed to resurrect back burner projects and develop new material, but it isn't destined for your TV.

UK film industry must change to survive

UK movie production must change or die as more and more films fail to make enough to realise their costs...

The Simpsons Movie: Could Do Better

The hit cartoon series lands its death-defying leap to the big screen slightly short...

Seth MacFarlane – he’s the “Family Guy”

The man behind the voices of Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Glenn Quagmire and Brian, the intellectual, martini-drinking dog explains all...

Sam Millar talks movies and motives

Sean Penn has been linked with the lead role in the film version of On The Brinks, the memoir written by best-selling author Sam Millar...

Who's up for Hollywood's highest honors?

The all-important Oscars 2006 are upon us, so read our definitive guide to what's hot a what's not before the 78th annual Academy Awards...

Movie encounters of the romantic kind

Opt-out of Christmas television with our selection of the best movies to woo to in our top 10 romantic films guide...

Team America: Policing the world

Team America: World Police - out on DVD - isn’t just another run-of-the-mill Hollywood flick, it’s a breath of fresh air and hilarious to boot…


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