Calyxha Biotechnologies announces grant of a European Patent on neurodegenerative diseases

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Austrian biotech company Calyxha Biotechnologies GmbH is pleased to announce the grant of European Patent No. EP3383381. This patent covers the use of calixarene compounds for neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson’s disease. It represents the company’s first granted patent, with prosecution of the corresponding patent applications ongoing in other territories.

“Calyxha’s approach to drug development is to pursue drugs with novel mechanisms of action that address pathways involved in tissue degeneration. Therapeutic use of calixarenes represents a unique approach to neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease” said Dr Eszter Nagy, MD PhD, CEO and co-founder of Calyxha Biotechnologies GmbH. “The combination of innovative science and strong IP protection supports Calyxha to attract further investments to expand our opportunities in building a pipeline of new drugs,” concluded Dr. Nagy.

“It is exciting to see our original research developing within Calyxha” commented Professor Robert Konrat, CSO and co-founder of Calyxha.  “This patent grant moves us closer to accomplishing our goal of developing a drug for neurodegenerative diseases based on novel mechanisms uncovered by our research”.

This patent is part of a series of patent applications resulting from original research by Professor Konrat and his group, and is exclusively licensed by Calyxha from the University of Vienna. “We are pleased to see this first patent grant for Calyxha, an excellent example of how basic research can be turned into promising product candidates for the benefit of people suffering from Parkinson’s” said Ronald Maier, Vice Rector for Digitalisation and Knowledge Transfer at the University of Vienna. “We wish this cooperation to successfully continue their development programme.”

Calyxha is currently a preclinical stage company, developing novel therapies targeting tissue degeneration that is the fundamental underlying cause of major human diseases.

Calyxha Biotechnologies GmbH ( is an Austrian biotech company founded in 2019 by Eszter Nagy MD PhD, Founder and CEO of CEBINA GmbH (Central European Biotech Incubator and Accelerator), Co-founder and President of Eveliqure Biotechnologies GmbH, previously Co-founder and CSO of Arsanis Inc, Vice President and Global Head of Research at Intercell AG (now Valneva SAS); Prof Robert Konrat, PhD (University of Vienna, Max F. Perutz Laboratories) and scientists Marco Sealey, PhD and Tanja Gesell, PhD, Wolfgang Friedl and CEBINA. Calyxha is located on the Vienna Biocenter Campus, and incubated and accelerated by CEBINA ( Calyxha is a product development company in the pre-clinical stage and also applies its drug discovery technology in industry partnerships.