Ebuyer conducts Blue Monday survey into MENTAL HEALTH AND APP USE

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To coincide with Blue Monday on January 20th, electronics retailer Ebuyer has conducted a survey into the link between mental health and online help.


In these holistic health times, 20the January’s Blue Monday offers Ebuyer a great opportunity to consider mental health and technology. The tech retailer’s survey was conducted amongst customers in early January.

Surprising results reveal that there is still much to do to raise awareness of, and combat the stigmas around, mental health issues.

Even in this health-conscious era – with an app or website available for seemingly any purpose – a whopping eight out of ten tech users surveyed shy away from using apps or websites of any kind to monitor mental health and seek out advice or assistance.

 “The survey surprised us, actually. It looks like there’s a distance to go yet,” said Ebuyer Commercial Director Andy Roberts. “There’s so much info and help online or with smartphone apps, it’s good to see. We hope people engage with it more often.”

One of the survey participants commented: “I don’t use apps or a website for my mental health, but I know I should.” Another said: “Everyone knows the benefits of keeping hold of your physical health – mental health is important too.”

The results of the ebuyer.com survey were:

  • Only 3% of those surveyed said they REGULARLY use an app or website to track and ‘treat’ their mental health
  • 6% said they SOMETIMES do
  • 6% said they use a physical health app only
  • 85% of users said they NEVER use an app or a website in relation to their mental health.


The annual problem known as Blue Monday has grown in notoriety over the last decade. The third Monday of January has become widely thought of as ‘the most depressing day of the year’.

The day on which winter weather, back to work blues, broken resolutions and lingering Christmas debt all converge to create a mild maelstrom of New Year torment…

In fact (though it’s true that each of those can cause an annual slump in mood following the festive season) the formal concept of a ‘Blue Monday’ was actually a marketing invention.

It was originally created to give an early calendar boost to sales of summer holidays. Apparently calculated using a series of complicated formulae, Blue Monday and the brain behind it were eventually down-played by the holiday company. But the idea took on a life of its own, and has been embraced by the wider world.


Ebuyer has curated a sheet containing links to a handful of the best mental health resources out there for tech (or any) users:



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