Caution: Millions of People Cheated via Phone Scam and You are One of Them

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Millions of people are cheated by phone scams and most of the time, they do not know how to stop it, and TheCallerStats provides users with an easy and convenient way to avoid it.

According to a survey by CFCA, billions of dollars losses are happening in the US every year due to phone fraud. You may not be concerned for you don’t have billions of money to lose. However, phone scams or phone fraud affects every part of our common people. Try to recall if you have ever heard a line offering free travel packages, lowering your credit card interest rates, or extending your car warranties and so on. More often, you receive one-ring phone calls, and if you call back you will see extra fees on your bill. If you feel that you are a victim of a phone scam, you can file a complaint with the FFC(Federal Communications Commission). However, we recommend a more direct and easy way to avoid phone scam, i.e. TheCallerStats

The CallerStats is a phone number reverse search website based on Whitepages and free of charge for people around the world.

By entering a specific ten-digit number on the number search page, users can quickly identify the number’s owner and his/her location, and if the number has adverse records on the website, users will be reminded with the safety factor. Users do not need to pay or register to use our 100% free service. The website also supports area code search to find all the suspected phone numbers in a certain area. 

Moreover, users are encouraged to help update the database and provide more information by marking a number as safe or unsafe or leave a comment describing the caller. By doing this, everyone can benefit from the public collection of notes. Verified users are entitled to make corrections on any incorrect or inappropriate information concerning their own numbers, thus ensuring the most up-to-date and accurate listings.

Now free TheCallerStats APK download is also available for mobile users. Try it now and get rid of phone scams!