USONICIG Reinvent POD System Filling Design at the launch of the ZIP Kit

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USONICIG, a revolutionary ultrasonic vaping product innovator cooperate with UK leading vaping media Vapouround, unveiled its new pod system ZIP, which uses the top rotate filling (TRFTM) design, destined to reinvent filling design among pod system.


USONICIG’s new ZIP pod kit is the first pod system that adopts pioneering top rotate filling (TRFTM) design. It facilitates people to fill e-liquid by one step to open the mouthpiece.

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\05_ Pioneering  TRF Design.jpg

CY Kong, Product Manager at USONICIG, said, “Vaping consumers like pod system as they are portable, compact, and easy to use. But it’s quite bothersome to fill e-liquid from the bottom. Why not chose a simple way? That’s the reason why we innovate the TRF design. Just rotate the mouthpiece and you can fill from the top filling holes, no more mess filling process, no e-liquid leakage.                                

USONICIG’s cooperator Vapouround customized the whole exterior of its smoking cessation service bus with ZIP and its slogan ‘Get it Quick’. The Vapouround bus will have its bus tour across UK to invite vaping enthusiasts and try the ZIP pod system on aboard. People who are interested the bus tour can visit its website to find the schedule.  


USONICIG was founded in 2014 by China Tobacco Hunan Industrial Co., Ltd. and is dedicated to the research and development of healthy vaping products. USONICIG has obtained a total of 255 patents, including 38 under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), 63 domestic and overseas invention patents, 146 utility patents, and 8 domestic and overseas design patents. With progress in R&D, product design, and manufacturing, USONICIG has become a leader in the vaping industry.

USONICIG’s ZIP product line complies with the Tobacco Products Directive 2014/40/EU (TPD), and has obtained sales authorization in the UK, France, and Germany, and is available for sale online and in local vapor shops.