Creamfinance Completes a Successful Bond Issue of 5 mio EUR

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Following a successful innovative public bond offering organized in October 2015 in Warsaw, Poland, consumer finance company Creamfinance launched a repetitive bond offering to support the rapid development of the company. The obtained emission amounted to 22 million PLN (~5 million EUR) and was dedicated to a single institutional investor. The whole size of the offering was purchased at once. Due to the terms of the deal, investors name remains undisclosed.

Managing director of Creamfinance Poland, Adam Dabrowski, commented that it was an attractive investment which will fuel the growth of the company. “Obtained funds will be used to expand the portfolio of loans in Poland, one of the fastest-growing markets of Creamfinance. Given the low risk and attractive interest rates, the offering was very attractive. We expect to organize yet another bond offering in 2017 to initiate a win-win situation for the company to get the funds, and to give a valuable and low-risk offering for potential investors”, commented Dabrowski.

Creamfinance LLC, online consumer finance company was founded in 2012 in Latvia and has achieved an instant growth since. To minimize consumer effort and maximize risk management, the company puts emphasis on using the most advanced and representative scoring techniques by analysing online data, credit Intel and application data from traditional sources. Proven by track record from many consecutive years, this is the most accurate way of measuring whether it’s appropriate to lend.

National platforms are operated by an international team, consisting of over 200 employees from 14 countries, working to improve services across seven operating markets.

The company has been ranked as the second fastest-growing company in Europe by the prestigious Inc.5000 Europe ranking and has been shortlisted among the top Digital 50 companies in Europe by Google and McKinsey.

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