New Business Launches Blue Ocean Strategy To Turn The Traditional Consulting Industry Model Upside Down

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 Aspire Performance Improvement Ltd is pleased to announce the official launch of its unique and innovative digital self-service maturity assessment and corporate diagnostic based business model.

Aspire focuses on empowering clients to conduct their own consultancy engagements by training client team members in the ASPIRE performance improvement engagement approach and use of the CXO Diagnostic model range. This is designed to help clients quickly pinpoint problems, issues and challenges and proactively solve them through interventions which help turnaround, stabilise, optimise, transform and drive business growth.

Our vision is to operate as a transparent organisation which shares its intellectual property for the benefit of the majority and not just the privileged few. To demonstrate our approach, we have 3 product launches to announce today:

1.         the book “Business Survival, Innovation and Growth” available on Amazon globally,

2.         the launch of the CEO Diagnostic applications on Amazon, Apple, Android (Google), Blackberry and Microsoft and

3.         the launch of our public e-learning management system which will provide a cloud managed service training and accreditation platform for Aspire clients and business partners    

In addition, we have also started to publish our public training course schedule, via Eventbrite, and we will also be running tailored in-house courses for clients and consultancy organisations who wish to use the Aspire approach and collateral with their clients. We are actively seeking business partners in overseas locations to help take the approach to market outside the UK to accelerate our growth internationally.

We expect to lower the average cost of a traditional consultancy engagement from the £200k to £500k engagement cost down to an agile technology enabled £35k-£75k cost, significantly increasing the likelihood of a positive return on investment from the interventions recommended.

The Managing Director of Aspire Performance Improvement, Robert Peopall, who has previously worked for leading business and technology consultancy firms HP, CSC and Ernst & Young in business transformation director roles stated, “We are extremely excited about taking a fresh innovative technology enabled approach to market that allows clients to solve their own problems in a standardized and repeatable manner reducing their dependency on expensive third party consultancy services. This is not to say that third party consultancy services are not a worthwhile investment, we are merely offering clients a choice; a different pragmatic and practical option that recognizes the scarce budgets and tough reality of today.”         

Aspire focuses on three core areas: (1) conducting rapid maturity assessments and agile corporate diagnostics across a business, function, product-line, service-line or geographical region (2) helping organisations to sell in a strategic consulting led manner and helping to drive growth through strategic account growth planning interventions and (3) supporting buy-side and sell-side mergers, acquisitions and divestments by utilizing the Aspire diagnostic models to conduct due diligence exercises and support the sale of a business or acquisition and its integration to deliver the synergies expected.

To learn more about who Aspire Performance Improvement are and how we are looking to make a difference do take a look at the following:

·          The Aspire Performance Improvement Website –  website,

·          The book “Business Survival, Innovation and Growth – Solving Complex Business Problems By Running Corporate Diagnostics” published globally on Amazon

·          The “CEO Diagnostic” applications on Amazon, Apple, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft mobile platforms

·          Eventbrite for “CEO Diagnostic” public training course dates (Contact Aspire for Tailored In-House Courses)

·          and the Aspire Store to purchase a license for our “CEO Diagnostic” training course E-Learning Management System courses as they are released over the coming months.