TV viewers and Movie buffs can benefit from a free new service that avoids the pain of trawling through multiple channels when searching for something to watch online

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Everyflix is the UK’s first streaming TV & movie aggregator which sends personalised alerts based on what you like to watch.

No more hours of searching Netflix, Amazon and other streaming services – Everyflix notifies you when there’s something new to watch

With the launch of a free aggregator service from Everyflix ( ) viewers can now easily find streaming movies and TV shows available on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and other online UK TV providers. Viewers never need to miss a movie or TV show again, by receiving personalised alerts notifying them of new programmes matching their preferences.

Extensive filtering saves viewers’ time to find exactly what they like to watch, viewers simply select their streaming TV subscriptions filter the movies and TV shows using the extensive refinement options and then click to watch.  With the ease of Twitter or Facebook logins, viewers can subscribe to personalised alerts, notifying them when new content matches their preferences. This allows viewers to spend less time looking for something to watch and more time watching movies and TV shows personalised to them.

There’s a clear migration of viewers cord-cutting and moving away from traditional pay TV models with Netflix’s subscription base already greater than the population of the United Kingdom.  There are 1000s of movies and TV shows available from numerous streaming TV providers, the challenge for the viewer is to find great content relevant to them. Everyflix solves this with their content aggregator, extensive filtering options and alerting system to help viewers easily find something to watch.

Everyflix merges content from UK streaming TV providers: Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, NowTV, TalkTalk TV as well as Sky Movies and Virgin Media to provide one single view of what’s available to watch. Viewers can filter by genre types, Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB ratings, years released, director, actor name and a host of other detailed attributes.

“We developed the service out of frustration of spending more time looking for something to watch rather than watching the programmes or movies that actually appealed to us” said Simon Hamblin, Founder of Everyflix. “Now finding something to watch doesn’t need to be a chore, just setup a free alert for the type of movie or TV show you are interested in and Everyflix will do the rest.”

“The problem with having so much content spread across a number of TV providers is the content is often hidden away in the complex apps that only seem to surface the content that the TV providers want you to watch rather than the content that you might like to watch. Everyflix solves this problem by helping viewers to easily discover content that matches your viewing preferences in one simple place.”