Schools sing and sign to help deaf children

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Schools across the area are signing and singing to raise money to help vulnerable deaf children in the UK and Uganda.  The schools are taking part in an exciting fundraising event called sign2sing.


The event, organised by the Deaf Health Charity SignHealth, involves schools all over the UK learning the words to a song and the accompanying signs.

This year’s song is called Reach Out Your Hand and explores themes of accepting difference and being kind to others.  

The event, which takes place between 1 – 7 February, is now in its 6th year. It offers children a great introduction to sign language and is an incredibly fun event, bringing together the whole community. sign2sing can also be linked to PSHE lessons.

The funds raised from the event allow SignHealth to continue campaigning for changes ensuring that deaf children and adults have an equal chance of a healthy life.

Sign2sing are encouraging parents, teachers and pupils to ask their school  to register like other schools in their area who have already signed up. The song doesn’t take long to learn and we have lots of resources to help you – so there is still plenty of time to take part!

And the event is not just open to schools – businesses, choirs, groups of friends, and community groups can also join in the fun.

sign2sing  takes place between 1-7 February 2016
2. sign2sing is organised by the Deaf Health Charity 
3. Reach Out Your Hand was written by Bottletop Music and features vocals by Zoe Birkett of The X Factor. 
4. To view the video for Reach Out Your Hand, specially made by award-winning deaf film maker Bim Ajadi go to: